#Blogmas day 18 – Jazz up your Christmas box

I know that not everybody is crafty and would prefer to just go out and buy as oppose to sit down for hours and try to figure out what you doing only to mess it up again. Well I’m going to show you how to get that box looking nice using only one piece ofContinue reading “#Blogmas day 18 – Jazz up your Christmas box”

#Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box

Now as adults unless we are involved in a secret santa our Christmas prezzies can be limited as most times it is aimed at the children. So I like to go and get a little something for my friends, whether it is something that they can relate to, like a book of their hobbies orContinue reading “#Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box”

#Blogmas day 16 – The Man Gift

Sometimes finding mens gifts can be a challenge, they always seem limited. If your man or the man you are going to buy for is fussy or  doesn’t like much stuff, it can prove to be even more difficult. The gift can either be too gimmicky or too obvious. But sometimes, you just have toContinue reading “#Blogmas day 16 – The Man Gift”

#Blogmas day 15 Getting Ahead at Christmas

I didn’t really plan it, it kind of just happen. I had a list but I hadn’t planned to start shopping  for Christmas just yet , but whilst out and about I thought  I  might as well. I am sure glad I did. I feel so much better now that I started. Sometimes that isContinue reading “#Blogmas day 15 Getting Ahead at Christmas”

#Blogmas day 13 – Making a list checking it twice

So I’ll admit, last night was a procrastinating time. I am so drained mentally that I could not focus. I hate these times, cause it means I have to be playing catch up. Then I get drained and the whole cycle starts all over again. So I sit here at 8.13 am and writing thisContinue reading “#Blogmas day 13 – Making a list checking it twice”

#Blogmas day 12 – Quick food & drink guide to last minute entertaining

So you have some guests coming around for a Christmas drink. Its unplanned and you have nothing in. The panick starts and you are thinking of cancelling. Well don’t. It’s nice being the spontaneous and living for the moment type of person until it actually challenges you. Well don’t worry there is a quick fix.Continue reading “#Blogmas day 12 – Quick food & drink guide to last minute entertaining”

#Blogmas day 11 – My Top 5 Christmas Treats

Ok, you know when it comes to Christmas treats the diet has gone completely out of the window. Eating healthy is just not an option. However you can always keep those pounds at bay with a lot of extra exercise. Anyway, just throwing that out there. Cause I know once I start on my treatsContinue reading “#Blogmas day 11 – My Top 5 Christmas Treats”

#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special

It has not snowed this early in December for an age. The past few years have been pretty mild in comparison to today. So this is the perfect time to nestle down in front of the TV with a large mug of Mocha. I have never really been a big fan of coffee unless thereContinue reading “#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special”

#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards

So if you have been watching my Tube, you would notice that I am a big fan of all things crafty and also love to encourage others to get creative. Being creative stretches your imagination and you will be amazed what you can come up with. First of all don’t feel intimidated by what othersContinue reading “#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards”

#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience

Now you have got yourself into the Christmas mood and if you haven’t, please read my tips on how to do so here. With all this Christmas mood, why not back it up with a bit of Christmas Ambience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, but it will certainly help keep up theContinue reading “#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience”