#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special

hot-chocolateIt has not snowed this early in December for an age. The past few years have been pretty mild in comparison to today. So this is the perfect time to nestle down in front of the TV with a large mug of Mocha. I have never really been a big fan of coffee unless there is chocolate with it. So when I tasted Mocha for the first time, how many eons ago I was hooked. The only time I had a mocha was when I bought  it from a coffee shop. Then one fine day  I decided to make a Mocha of my own. What can I say it was delicious.

Now let me just clarify, the quality of the coffee will determine how nice your mocha will turn out. I had some cheap tesco coffee which was ok, some gold range but compared to Gold Blend or any other high branded it didn’t stand a chance.

This is how I make my Christmas Mocha Special.

1 . First I add two scoops of hot chocolate. If I want it chocolatey I would add a 3rd. I use those yellow baby formula spoons as a measure.

2. I will then add a teaspoon of Coffee.

3. I will then add a sprinkle of mixed spice. Pending how strong I want it at the time I will sometimes have a little or sometimes have a lot.

4. Then will add a droplet of almond essence.  (you do not want it over powering)

5. I would then pour  Almond milk. I would pour about 1/8 of the size of the mug. Again if you like it milky you can pour more.

6. Give it a good whisk. You can purchase those really small whisks that is just right for the mug. I keep whisking untill all the ingredients are well mixed and you start to see froth forming at the top.

7. Pour the hot water.

Vola there you have it, your Christmas Mocha Special. On occasion I like to sprinkle extra mixed spice on top.

For another option. How about exchanging the regular chocolate to a flavoured one. My favourite is the options mint chocolate.



#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards

craft 1So if you have been watching my Tube, you would notice that I am a big fan of all things crafty and also love to encourage others to get creative. Being creative stretches your imagination and you will be amazed what you can come up with. First of all don’t feel intimidated by what others can do.  Focus on your own creation.

Cards and gifts are always welcome, but hand-made cards and gifts have a special little meaning. So when you give a handmade card made from yourself, it shouts volumes. So I’m going to get you started.

I mainly do my craft shopping online, just because it is easier but there are a few places where you can get a few bits and bobs. However they are not always stuff that are in stock. One of my fav places is Poundland. They have a few crafty bits like a pack of envelope and cards for £1 and they come in white and brown. They sometimes stock washi tape and have a lovely selection of sparkly gems.  What I am going to make is a card made straight from backing paper and christmas tags and washi tape.

Why don’t I just use the backing paper on card? Well, the idea is to do something a little different and fun and quick.







1. Here is a pad that I used. There are 32 sheets, 200 gsm and measures 14.8 X 21cm. Tear a sheet of your choice and fold it in half.

craft 8

They also had this pad.

craft 9

2. Then with the washi tape apply it to the card to create a design.

3. Attach the Christmas tag to the card.

craft 3

There you have it, your very own handmade card.

If you want to take it further you can add a few more embellishments. So why don’t you take it a step further. Add some ribbon and some sticky back sparkles.

craft 2

#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience

Now you have got yourself into the Christmas mood and if you haven’t, please read my tips on how to do so here. With all this Christmas mood, why not back it up with a bit of Christmas Ambience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, but it will certainly help keep up the Christmas Spirit, especially if you feel like the daily stresses of life is starting to kick in.  Coming home and taking ten minutes before you do anything will really help relax you. The best feeling of relaxation is when you are in the right setting.   Here are 5 tips to get the mood backed up.

1. Make sure that your house is tidy and clean. Take an hour or so to before you go to bed and maintain what you have already started. If your house is in complete disarray, then just work on one room at a time throughout the week. Or if you are really struggling, how about you wait till the week-end and start.

christmas-candle-1450178469Zju2. If you haven’t already, invest in some candles. They do not have to be live ones. Pound stretcher have some lovely led candles and they have a massive one for £9.99 with twine wrapped around the bottom of it. These can be placed on top of fireplaces  inside them or on the floor around it or all three. If you do not have a fireplace, how about putting these led candles around the tree, perhaps on top of a snow blanket. You can usually get snow blankets from Poundland.

christmas-tree-and-fireplace3. If you love a fragrant room, buy some mulled wine, or baking smelling wax melts. This really creates a warm and cosy ambience, for this time of the year. If the smell becomes too much, you can always have it on for an hour at a time.

4. If you are used to having bright lights in your living room, exchange them for duller bulbs. Or If you have a lamp put it on and have it in a place where it is not intrusive. With the lamp and the Christmas lights, this will create the perfect glow for your room.

christmas-decoration-1512410077YXq5. Have a centre piece on your dinner table. You can either create one or buy one. There are so many ideas on the interweb. From Garlands to baubles in bowls. The colours and designs are endless. If you have a coffee table a small centre piece of Christmas ornament would be perfect.


These are my tips for a more ambient Christmas.

Sometimes, the daily grind wears us down and we find it hard to enjoy a lot of things that we should be enjoying. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Stand tall and make things happen. You can not make yourself be happy, but you can decided to be happy.

#Blogmas 7 – Winter skincare tips and glowing skin

vitamin e oilWhy is my skin dryer in the winter than in the summer? It’s funny because winter equates to cold and damp air and rain, so we assume that there should be a lot of moisture in the air so we should not need as much hydrating and moisturising but we do. When we are at home, the heating comes on and we are in our warmest clothes. Feet are covered in socks and slippers. Our legs will be covered by trousers or leggings and just for that extra coziness maybe a blanket.

Our skin is exposed to artificial heat which drys out our skin and with the added clothes, our skin does not get to breathe much either. That’s why it is important to help keep our skin hydrated and moisturised. Where there is cause, there is a reaction and when there is  a reaction we need action. Here is a few tips to help you keep theat winter glow, your skin soft and hydrated.

1. Find a cleanser that is moisturising. So if your usual cleanser is quite drying or absorbs a lot of oil, maybe think about switching it up. BodyShop has a Vitamin E  gentle facial wash. Retails for £7.50. The same goes for your body, Superdrug has a shower moisturiser,  which contains shea butter. This is great for putting on after you have showered. This retails at £2.99

tony moly

2 Do not forget about-face masks. If you find that your face is experiencing a lot of dryness, top it up with a hydrating mask.  One of my Favs is the Tony Moly I’m real range. They have a variety of masks, the avocado is my fav. They retail from anything from £2.99 to around £5.00 and it is worth every penny.

3. Scrubs are great for keeping that winter glow. I currently use Superdrug’s Vitamin E range. It is moisturising and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Don’t forget about your body. Your skin is constantly in hiding in warm clothes so it is important that you take care of it. Superdrug’s Spaa range  Bergamot & Cassis Salt and bath oil has a lovely scrub that is rich, thick and perfect for winter skin.

water-in-the-desert4 This time of year for most of us, the hot drinks increase and the cold drinks can decrease. The need to consistently stay warm, is the primary reason for this. It also makes us feel cosy.  Make sure you keep your body hydrated, especially if you are drinking a lot of tea which can be quite dehydrating.

5. Try adding a few drops of moisturising oil to your cream, especially if you already have dry skin. Using oils like Jojoba or avocado oil is great for this. You can also add it to your regular body lotion.

6. When taking off  makeup try swapping your usual wipes for a cleanser that is hydrating. The products that you can use.

7. Lastly your lips. Find a lip balm or butter that suits you. Carry it with you and whenever you remember put some on your lips.


Remember that it is important to look after your skin throughout the year. Do not be afraid to switch  your productas around. Experiment with different techincs like adding oil to your regular lotions.

#Blogmas Day 6 – Gift packaging ideas

Gift wrapping is not for everyone. Being a crafty person I love wrapping presents. I’m just not too great at them. If you don’t like gift wrapping, here is a few lovely and affordable ideas. Now you know if you are subscribed to my YouTube you know that I am a big fan of Poundland. Even though lately I am not impressed with their decorations of late they have some great Christmas packaging.

I eyed these boxes and I just had to pick them up. Now I don’t know if they have anymore styles but be sure I will be looking out for them.  Here is the first one they are quite deep and can fit a few bits or a small item.

christmas packaging 1

The second one is this black box. A totally different pattern but all the same lovely. At just a pound each a bargain.  Measuring 4.5 inches in height 6 1/4 inches in width.

christmas packaging 2

As well as boxes as you know they have some great bags. I picked up these two bags. The are fully glittered and are a steal at £1 each.

On the other side is matt, which doesn’t matter the bags still looks amazing.

When wrapping gifts you don’t have to wrap them traditionally. You can just wrap them up in tissue paper and a little tape to secure it. Don’t worry if your gifts don’t come all wrapped up by yourself. These bags and boxes, show you at least made an effort.



#Blogmas day 5 -Quick Stress Free Christmas Gift Guide

christmas-tree-1507274311uoNIf you are like me, you leave everything to the last minute, like you are in some kind of last minute to sort your Christmas out competition or something. I get stuck to what to buy, how much I want to spend and I get anixous, frustrated and sometimes end up spending money that I don’t have and didn’t need to. So here is a quick guide to make things easier.

1 Get a cup of hot drink or wine if you prefer nestle in your fav spot with a pen and a note pad. It does’nt have to be fancy. One of those from Poundland will do. Then write down all the people you want to buy for including any secret Santa’s.

2 Somewhere on the page (pre at the top) Write down your budget. If you do not have a budget write down the max you want to spend. Then next to each name write down the amount you want to spend on each person.

3 Next to each name write down three things that you know the person likes. Whether it is books on a certain topic, clothes or simply vouchers.

4 Write down whether or not you are going to shop online or Brick and mortar .

When your list is complete decide when you are going to start shopping. If it is online you can do it as soon as you finish your list. Schedule a day or a period of days. If shopping is a drag, go with a friend make a day of it. Do lunch, the works. The most important thing is abandon the stress shopping brings. It is easier if you know what you are going to get. If you are still unsure, pick up the phone and ask someone who will know.

#Blogmas day 4 – 9 Tips to keep yourself from piling on the pounds this Christmas

Some of us start as early as the 1st of December and others start a little later. We some how find the extra money and the extra room in our waist line to add more and more. The constant nibles are result of constantly convincing ourselves, that it is ok beacuse it is the holiday season to eat, drink and be merry. Well what other reason and season to do so. That is quickly followed up with regret. January 3rd, 4th 5th kicks in and so does the extra inches and nothing in the wardrobe fits and queue in the depression of it all.


Lets be honest, there is no such thing as having your cake and eat it in this scenrio. Now I know there are loads of blogs and magazines out there giving you tips but quite a lot of them are not what you want to read. We all want some magical answer that we know does not exist. So I’m alos going to give you non magical answers, but here are some tips that can help you or at least prevent yourself from gaining weight.


1 First be honest with yourself. If you know you are going to binge then just be true. If you try and convince that you are going to be good you might end up doing more damage than good. So if you crave something crave it and eat it. HOWEVER!!!!! Instead of taking more than you know you should have taken at least a quarter of the amount and if the craving is too much take no more than half. Enjoy it and tell yourself you are satisfied. (Even if you feel as though you are not) Remember your goal is to keep your weight the same by the end of the holidays. EXERCISE!


young-couple-workout-14873528564K32 Secondly WORKOUT. I dare to say it. Workout!!!. Whether you are jogging on the spot for fifteen minutes doing a 20 minute workout from YouTube. Make sure you do those extra workouts. You might think whats the point of doing something for 15 minutes., well 15 minutes of something, is better than 15 mins of nothing. EXERCISE!

3 You don’t have to say yes to every drink or food offered. Set a goal to turning away either certain foods and drinks or be modest in the amount you accept. Become satisfied with the decision that you make. It will taste good for now but you will end up regretting it come November 1st. EXERCISE!


4 Set goals to when you are going to go off the rails. Maybe only eat at Do’s. If there isn’t Do’s then limit yourself at home. You don’t have to have that mince-pie, extra sweets and chocolate every single day and throughout the day. EXERCISE!

5 If you really can not do the above here is another way. Make sure that your breakfast and lunch are really healthy and low-calorie choices. EXERCISE!

6 Sometimes our brain goes into overdrive. It takes over everything. It sees more and tells itself to take more. So here is a trick take a smaller plate  and fill it up. Not Mountain fill just ground fill, then when you can not resist,  have another small plate. EXERCISE!

7 WEAR A BODY SHAPER OR ONE OF THOSE BELTS. Something that holds your stomach in.  This will make your stomach smaller, so in theory you should become fuller quicker. Whatever you do, do not take it off. EXERCISE!

8 I know it is tempting, but don’t stock pile. Remember that magical appearance of money that I talked about earlier. Yes well it appears or seem to appear when you are out shopping. By all means get those extra treats but don’t go overboard. You will eventually find that the guilt will kick in or you are tired of all the crap you are eating. But hey because it is there you will keep on eating. So just be careful. EXERCISE!


MINDSET9. Mindset. Without the right mindset you have failed before you have even begun. Like all things in life you will get better results and most likely to succeed if you prepare yourself mentally. It’s never too late to start it. Even if you have prepared yourself early. Set your mind to not eating it all in a short period of time.

That is it, my tips for over the Christmas period. I hope this helps. Remember people don’t do something today that you may regret tomorrow.

#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.

There are times when we are just not in the mood. That is fine at anytime of the year. But when it comes to Christmas, to feel not in the mood can make you feel as though you are being a miserable grouch. When people talk of spending time with their loved ones, or jetting off somewhere hot and exotic for the holiday’s there you are looking and feeling miserable. Apart from your birthday this is the time when you do not want to feel like this. Apart from feeling left out whilst everyone is in high spirits. When your mood does eventually lift, you end up only having two days for shopping and to get everything in order.

Now no one can tell you why you feel that way, and you are the only one that can make it right. Don’t waste another day because you will only regret it. Make this day be the day you are in the Christmas mood. Here are 10 things that you can do.

1. If your house is in disarray, then get to it and start cleaning. A clean home is a happy home. Yes house chores can be boring, but think about it once it is done, you will feel a lot better for it. To help you along listen to some music, Christmas related or just your favorite tunes.

2. When finished go onto Pintrest or the internet and look at images on ways to decorate your home with Christmas cheer. There is so many ideas, that are fun.  YouTube is also a great place to look for ideas. Looking at pictures can inspire you to do something similar. Creating a board on Pintrest, is a great way to have something to refer back to.

3. Get into making Christmas trinkets for your home. I.E center pieces for your table, trimmings to put on your fireplace if you have one. And maybe something for your bedroom. Battery operated lights are a great way to have a festive looking bedroom. Put them above your bed or around your dressing table if you have one.

4. Take time out and watch a Christmas movie. Snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink. This is a great way to end the evening, especially if you have had a long day.

5. Start buying stuff for Christmas. Around this time of year, we sometimes tend to splurge that little bit more. Extra peanuts and savory snacks, a pack of snowballs, mince pies, lol. Whatever, reminds you of Christmas, go and get it.

6. Do something charitable for example a Christmas box for a child somewhere across the world. Volunteer a few hours of your time. Giving back will always make you feel good. Do a basket and give it to a homeless person.

7. How about doing Christmas stockings for friends and families as gifts. Places like Poundland always have Christmas stockings and great fillers. Personalise them and fill them up with all the things that they love.

8. Write a letter to yourself, looking at your year, how you got through it and what you have accomplished. Write down only positive things. Put the letter in an envelope and then open it again on Christmas day.

mood 2

9. Buy a Christmas Jumper and Christmas socks. Rock them around the house and lift your mood.

mood 3

10. Make your own advent calendar. Instead of receiving a gift. Write down something positive to yourself. They could be affirmations or quotes.

mood 1

Oh and of course. Put the tree up.



#Blogmas day 2 – Hot November Favs

Well it is that time again. What is hot in my bag. In this blog I am killing two birds with one stone. Sorry birds. But I am doing a Blogmass. Everyday I will be doing a blog post. Now it isn’t all going to be about Christmas, but I promise there will be some Christmas posts. Anyway lets push on with whats got me tippled this month. Now this month I have had so many I just couldn’t decide and some are even featured in previous posts. Oh yes and before I forget I did my very first vlog on my November favs. Click here to see the video.


nov 2017 favFirst up are these gorgeous brushes. They come as a pack of eight. Out of the eight these three are my favs. Especially the brush on the far right. That brush is perfect for applying my blush and highlight. The bristles are very soft and are very easy to work with. The prism shaped one is great for my contour  and the middle brush is great for blending and dusting.  I purchased these from Aliexpress. About £4.99


nov 2017 fav 9

Second is the Terracota and Banana baking powders from Makeup Revolution. I love mixing these two. When I get it right, it gives me the right look. I can either have it lighter to brighten my eye area or I can have a darker tone to give me that perfect glow.  These are £5.00 each.

nov 2017 fav 8

I don’t know if this is because this is the only eyebrow kit I have, but I just absolutely love this kit. With my angle brush and spooley I am good to go. I love to mix up my look by either using darker or lighter shades for my brows. Perfect for on the go eyebrows. This is £7.99. Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Kit.

nov 2017 fav 7

When I first purchased this foundation, I was not happy with it at all, it had a horrible smell (which it still does) and I found that it left my face looking oily. Roll on the next few months I decided to give it another try. With patience and the right attitude I managed to make it work. I applied the foundation directly to my face and with a firm brush, buff the foundation until it blended into my skin. To my surprise it left me with a flawless finish. This for only £3.99 at a beauty supply store.

nov 2017 fav 6

As you can see from the picture this lovely little beaut, fell and broke. #sadtimes. Alas I had to move on and deal. I love the blusher and it is one of my favs. It has this gorgeous blend of pinks with the right amount of shimmer. This vivd bake blusher is by Makeup Revolution, it really bring my cheeks alive. It’s really pigmented and great for a rosy glow. This is for £3.00.

nov 2017 fav 5

This So body Vanilla milkshake mist really reminds me of back in the day in the summer months,  in my late teens. This scent is gorgeous and brings sunshine, even in the winter. This retails for £3.99.

nov 2017 fav 4

There are some blush palettes that gives you life. The Golden Sugar rush 2 from Makeup Revolution does just that. Its selection of colours; matt, low and high shimmers can give you a variety of looks to suit, for either day or night. My fav in this palette is the colour at the bottom right hand corner. It is so subtle but yet manages to give you that lovely low-key, rose gold glow. This palette is £6.00

nov 2017 fav 3

I fell in love with this highlighter the moment I saw it on the shelves of Superdrug. It’s vibrancy is so seductive and eye-catching. This is something that I knew I had to have in my collection. This trippled bake Bronzer from iheartlondon has three colours to either use separately or altogether. This lovely pot is £5.00. A bargain.

nov 2017 fav 2

The last one that I am going to talk about is The Makeup Revolution contour kit medium to dark. I do not use the middle colour and mainly focus on the darker shade to contour just under my cheeks. This is easy to use and also easy to blend. The colour at the end, is a nice little bronzer to finish off your look. £3.50


This is my November favs. I told you that there was a lot. wow it is 23.14 I have 45 minutes to meet my deadline. Otherwise I will be behind. Hope you enjoyed this read and till tomorrow.




#Blogmas Day 1 – Last Chance December (biggest Challenge to date)

BLOGGMASSIt is the first of December so there is only 31 days left to finish what you started or start what you said that you were going to start. Well actually it is less than 31 days if you are celebrating and taking time out this Christmas season. However, it is time to get back on the wagon if you have fallen off. I know I certainly have. Grrr frustration kicks in and the shouder, couder, wouder, starts playing its tune in my head. But now is not the time to dwell but to take action.

As well as going over my goals and see what I have yet to accomplish and right now it is everything. Like I mean everything. Some is too late to accomplish, i.e weight loss, I can only set a small goal for a month. Others are stuff that are coming quite criticle, like a CV and to look for a job and find a place to live and the list goes on and on. When I think about what I need to do, it can be quite stressful and in turn makes me do the complete the opposite to what needs to be done.

So I have two choices I either get on with it or I go into 2018 as a complete and utter failure. Ok maybe that is a bit strong, but I know myself and I know that is how I will feel when I look back on 2017 and start wishing I had done things that I said I was going to do. Or to go and attack it untill they are all done.

One thing that I have added to my list that was hovering around since last year and to be honest with you has not represented itself since this morning and that is to do my very first vlogmass. Yikes, what am I thinking. A video a day for 24 days. And to add to the challenge I have decided to do a blog as well, to add even more, make sure I do a post for instagram and twitter. Now the last two you might say is easy, I can tell you it’s really not. How many times have I looked at my instagram and I’m like wait it has been how many days since I posted last. Yep so that is it. Cause it was so late, I almost failed before I started and I was going to do two blog post tomorrow. I wanted to do my November favs but ran out of light for my photo’s. The this post idea came up, woop woop and so I am going to completing day 1.

So I have my work cut out for me and it is all about getting my head down and making it work. With last-minute situations happening all the time, there is no room for errors. Tired of letting myself down, it is time to take pen to paper. #LETSDOTHIS.


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