Garnier Skin Active Moisture Bomb review

Hi everyone welcome to my product review on the Garnier SkinActive range. The products that I am going to be reviewing are the day and night creams, the pomegranate hydrating face mask and the  Micellar Cleansing Gel wash. Most of these products are featured in my #skincaresunday video click here.

Let me start with the Antioxidant Water-Cream day moisturiser and the Super- Recharging Antioxidant gel night cream. I was skeptical about this at first as I am use to using creams that are thicker in texture. I really did not think that it was going to work. These 50ml tubs of delight, feel like water on your skin. Its non greasy formula seeps into the skin and leaves it feeling soft and subtle. The night cream is slightly thicker and again I did not think that it would las the night but it did. I woke up with a moisturised and soft feeling skin. You don’t need a lot of product and your skin easily absorbs it. They both have a pleasant smell. Each pot cost £7.99 at Superdrug.

garnier 2

Next is this Hydratying moisture Bomb mask. This Super-hydrating Revitalising mask intensely rehydrates skin, reduces the look of fine lines and revives radiance. It has pomegranate extract, hyaluronic acid and plant serum.  1 mask = 1 week of hydrating serum. This 15 min mask left my skin feeling absoultely wonderful. My skin was left moisturised and with a lovely glow. At only £2.99 at Superdrug’s, it is a bargain. If you have dry skin, this mask is a must try. It comes in two pieces, you peel off the blue gauze and place the tissue mask over your face. This is great for a weekly pamper.

garnier 4

Last is the Micellar Cleansing Gel Wash. This product removes make-up, cleanses and mattifies. It has a thick gel like texture and has a pleasant cleansing smell. You only need half a pump and apply to a wet face. I like to use my konjac sponge with this product  for a deeper cleanse when I have removed makeup. When I don’t have make up it works well without it. This Gel is £3.99 at Suerdrug’s and comes in a 200ml bottle.

garnier 3

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Hi blogger peeps. How are you all doing? Hope you are all well? Sorry for not being around, it has been a while. Trying to pack so much in and not enough time to do it. I am behind on everyone’s blogs including my own. Hopefully next week I will be able to get back on track.

I’m starting my weight loss journey and I am vlogging it, so it takes up a little time, but hopefully everything will settle down soon. I can not wait to get back into writing again. Anyway, need to work on my planner I shall see you soon.



B Range Product Review

b review groupHELLO EVERYONE!!!! I have been trying to write for ages and I just not managed to fit it in. I shot 6 video’s three days ago and I have managed to edit all of them so that it is progress. However I am going to write a review on these B. range skincare products that I bought from Superdrug. These products are apart of my 56 Christmas treat. You can watch the 56 items I bought myself here.

I have been eyeing up this range for quite a while now and I made a decision that in 2018 I want to start reviewing products that are in a higher price range. If you follow me on Youtube and Instagram you know I love a bargain and I love sourcing out products that work on a lower price scale. Now it is time for me to take it up a notch and see if there is hype in products that cost that little bit more.


I first product I want to talk about is the B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser. This cleanser gently polishes the skin surface to reveal a smooth , bright complexion. Now using this for the first time I wanted to use this product without using my battery operated facial brush or my Konjac sponge. I wanted to feel the product without any influence or interruption of an outside source.

I used this product on a wet face. On first contact you can feel the granules that are used to exfoliate straight away. It’s thick creamy texture works well with the granules and they compliment each other nicely. I gently massaged my face and when I felt the product drying I added more water. The granules are not intrusive and do not hurt or scratch the surface of your skin. After I had rinsed off  the cleanser it left my face feeling really smooth and quite soft. It was slightly drying but not to the point where my face felt dehydrated. This is a lovely product that I will definitely use again. RRP £5.49


clayNext is the B. Detoxed Clay face mask. This clay is designed to liven up dull skin. It also helps to minimise the appearance of blemishes and pore size within four weeks. After I washed my face with the cleanser. I patted it dry and used the mask. I put a generous amount to ensure my skin was covered.  However I was still left with some in the pod. It didn’t take long to dry and I cleaned my face with a flannel and warm water. This product like most clays left my face feeling a little dry but I was expecting that from this kind of mask, so it didn’t bother me. That being said my face felt smooth and cleansed so a definite thumbs up for me. ( Apologises could not get a price on these. )

serumNext is the B. Radiant Rejuvenating serum Phase 2 this Serum blew me away. I love my lower end serums but this one right here, was exceptional. I used this after using the Cleanser and Clay written above. I found that this serum absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and felt I needed to add more. I don’t know if I actually needed any more, but I am so used to  feeling the creams and serums on my face I thought that I needed to feel the product. However, this product absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and left my skin feeling like silk. I have never had this feeling on my face before after using a product. I have had my face feeling soft and smooth but never like feeling like silk. It also left a gold shimmer to my face. When I caught my face in the sunlight you can see these tiny flexs of gold particles on my face it looked like I had a shimmer or glisten which looked pretty cool, you couldn’t pick this up on camera however. Maybe if I changed to my 55 -200 lens it might have done.  Either way this product left me feeling impressed. This product is a definite yes and I will be having this on my dressing table for years to come.  RRP £12.99

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I am so late -Sorry

IMG_20160930_073111Hi everyone and welcome to 2018 A new year to make even more mistakes and failures. Only kidding. Yes we are here imagine 2018 just typing it, is like wow. So have you made new year resolutions? I know I didn’t, I haven’t made any for years. I tend to set goals that I know I need to get on with and end up only doing a few of those. If I am honest with you I do not know what type of goals I’m going to complete this year. All I know that I need to be better than I have done for the past 10 years otherwise it will be a bust for me. I told myself that if I do not see any moves by myself by the end of the month. I might as well just write off the rest of the year. Yes I know that there is always tomorrow but when you know yourself you know that pushing deadlines back further and futher only leads to a result that you know that you are not going to  want to see.

I am so sick and tired of having ideas only to execute some of them and then only half way because all my hard work is just not paying off. Frustration is not the word. I’m not saying I need to see numbers in the thousands but sometimes it just drives me nuts. This is because it tends to be in every aspect of my being. Failure everywhere. That being said, I know I need to see the accomplishments that I have achieved over the years and to not be so hard on myself. (But I can not help it). One minute I’m proud of myself and one minute I am disgusted with myself for lack of results and too much feeling sorry for myself. This year I know I am going to go militant. I have some number goals that I want to reach like some people. Yes I know you have to love what you do and I do, but I’m just getting a little tired of the lack of results so, this year is the year of pushing and belief and knowing that I am going to get what I put out and what I want.

No more moping and whining. This includes my fricking weight. Before November I weighed 13 stone 6lbs now I weigh 13.12lbs. I was so shook I didn’t even know I had put on 6lbs I was still in the belief I was weighing 13 stone 6lbs. That was the line for me for sure. This only happened two days ago and I am going to start a series of How I lost 5 stones in 2018, in my head I thought I was starting at 13.6 it really threw me back , but I  actually surprised  myself cause I thought that I would just throw in the towel then and there but I didn’t so I’m proud of that,.

Anyway my beautiful readers I will be signing off now. If you want to see my weight loss series make sure you are subscribed to my channel. Here.

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Getting ready for 2018

READY FOR 2018As I sit here watching Lost, my Corel draw graphics package is open and my note-book and to-do list is at hand. My colour pens at the ready to make my list stand out and not blend into one and I am trying my best to not start a riot in my head on how far back I am in my life. Having these random thoughts, causes me to have little panics and I start going into overdrive and then I wonder why I am tired all of the time.  I can not believe that it is only 2 days till 2018 bursts open with all its days and weeks ahead of me. I am trying my best to not rush into next year and become unfocused and blurry eyed, without knowing what direction I am going. So this year I plan to do a detailed road map of where I need to go and what I need to do to get there. I found that my past problems were not setting goals or doing lists, but not fully executing them and in turn they built up, and I spent the most of the year feeling overwhelmed and confused about the direction I was going in. At one point I started to question everything I was doing and came up with conflicting answers. I do not want to live another year like this. So my main goal of 2018 is ……


Write down everything that I need to do, from washing dishes to washing my hair. To graphic design ideas for my blog to what clothes I need to buy. This is the only way I can at least try and make sure that by the time 2019 comes I can look back and truely be happy with all my acomplishements and not just some. We all know how it goes. We start picking and choosing what needs to be done and then left feeling guilty about the rest.

#Blogmas day 25. I made it.

christmas-decoration-1513120874gSvYes this post is 2 days late but frankly my dear I don’t give a damn. Lol. Writing all these posts and doing all these videos has been such a great experience. It is amazing all the things that you will find to write about. There were other things but I had run out of Blogmas days. It was tiring and putting the time in to write and video was quite hard, especially that I decided to do it at the last possible day.

With the house in disarray and nothing really planned, working full-time and dealing with Christmas, it was a lot. But I am so happy that I didn’t give up, I was so determined to see it through and see it through I did.


Well I would have to see. I do not know where I will be if I will still be blogging or caught up in other things. One thing that I do know is that if I do decided to do it. I will definitely decide in advance and plan it out properly.

It is now over and 2018 is around the corner. I have made no plans yet for my blog or vlog and I am going to be taking some time out and see what direction I am going to go. This has been fun and look forward to seeing you guys again. Till 2018.


#Blogmas day 24 Christmas Eve

Most of the shopping was done except for a few bits and it was time to get the cooking underway. Unfortunately I was so busy filming my blogmas I didn’t take any pictures. Managed some screen shots.  However you can watch my vlogmas and you will see how my day went.  Click here.

My finished mac and cheese.

 Preparing my truffle with some Cream Sherry. 

My seasoned lamb.  Which was delicious.


#Blogmas day 23 Christmas Eve eve

It’s the Christmas Eve eve and I had been at it since 8.30am. Getting ready the house so I am not doing it all on Christmas Eve, I want to be doing the minimal.  Which already I know I have to go out and get the wine for the sangria.  So I know there is going to be shopping tomorrow. 

After  shopping it was time to clean the house and start the Christmas decorations. So the house cleaning has started and not finished. 20.37 and boy child wants to sit and watch a film. So decorating has come to a hold.  

It is getting late and I really thought things will be done.  I’m yet to do my videos,  I have a Primark haul to do but I think I might do that after the Christmas. 

I’m on to film two so I might not get much done this evening. I was even thinking of starting the Christmas dinner.  Lol. 

Till the morrow.  I’ll leave with this.  


#Blogmas day 22 – Last Minute Plans

Ok folks, there are only 3 days left to Christmas, are you excited? Are you prepared? Well from my previous blogs you will have read that I am so not ready. By now my house should’ve been decorated and the tree should have been up, it is a bit of a disaster. Tomorrow is where I am hoping to get everything I want done done.  After work I went shopping and got home later than I planned, after dinner and checking on boy child.  I was just done.  

I’ve also decided to take this evening off and gather my thoughts and chill. So on that note. Adios. 


#Blogmas day 21 – Christmas Centre Pieces

Ok As you may have read in my Blog I am so behind on Christmas Period. My house is bare. My tree is up but the spruces are still folded and I think that there is a piece missing. Dining room table needs to be cleared and a whole load of lists. Anyway I have kind of decided on how I want or what I want my table centre piece to look like. I have opted for a plant theme. This  decision came when I saw My first plant in Morrions. I loved it straight away. So simple yet decorative enough for me to not have to do the most.

That being said I  know once I get started there will be no stopping me. I do not know exactly what the finished idea will look like but hopefully it will turn out ok. Now I need a thrid plant and I am hoping to pop down to morrisons or anywhere else and pick up something to finish.

centre piece 3The first plant I bought was only £3 from morrisons. This lovely Connifer sits in a rose gold pot with gold glitter to decorate. Complimented with Christmas decor, this is just perfect and such a bargain for the price.

centre piece 1The second Plant comes in a basin type tub. A copper colour with brushed gold. It also has a connifer and a beautiful plant that I do not know the name of. It comes decorated with some Christmas decor and this beautiful piece was only £5 from Morrisons.

These are so nice and heres hoping for a third time lucky.


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