#Blogmas Day 20 Keeping up with Blogmas & Vlogmas CHIT CHAT

christmas-1386273759TLsIt has been a crazy busy few weeks and it is only 3 days to Christmas. I am behind on my Blogs grrr. One minute I’m up to date the next behind. Days seem to run into each other sometimes it is hard to keep up. I have yet to decorate my tree and my house and my bedroom. These Blogmas and vlogmas has taken up all of my time and I am yet to have an early night. Now I am not complaining, I brought this on myself, and I am glad I did. Just disappointed that I have not managed to be on time.

Lessons learned for 2018 and one of them is to make sure that I keep a tidy home. With a tidy home I don’t need to take time out to do a massive clear and tidy up which takes up so much time. I probably would’ve done the decorations by now.  Anyway no point crying over spilt milk. I ordered one last prezzie online and I meant to do it via courier and I completely forgot. So it won’t come until after Christmas now. Grrr.

I’ve started buying the Christmas food shopping, so I am happy with that. I think I’m going to buy the meats on Friday and also the veg and salad. I need to make another list just to make sure I haven’t left anything out. Friday is the only time I have to really make a dent so I am not fussing on Christmas Eve. I don’t mind decorating in the evening on Saturday, but I really don’t want to be rushing around.

Anyway I have one more blog to write before I am up to date. it is 23.23 on 21st December and I am so ready for my bed. Till tomorrow.




#Blogmas day 19- Christmas Eve Box

Have you done a Christmas eve box before? I haven’t, my friend does one for her kids every year. I decided to go and do one this year for my son. Now you can put anything you want in the box , so I opted for a mixture of things. I want to put more but I do not know what but here is what I have bought so far.

christmas eve 5Socks. Yes I dare say it socks. He needs socks for school and black socks is the only socks he is allowed to wear.

christmas eve 2Next is boxer shorts. At the age were the old needs to be thrown and the next age up needs to be replaced.

christmas eve 4I did by these fab joggers, but they are not going to fit in the box. ( I shouldv’e known that really) So they will have to be wrapped up.

christmas eve 1Getting in the sweet stuff I added some sweets and a nut bar. I think I’ll add some chocolate as well. Sweets are always well received when presented as a treat or a gift.

christmas eve 3For some fun I spotted these bath fizzers in Poundland. Being a fan of Marvel I am sure he will love these.

I don’t think I am done with his box and will look for more things to add. For extra fun why not wrap each item individually.


#Blogmas day 18 – Jazz up your Christmas box

box 1I know that not everybody is crafty and would prefer to just go out and buy as oppose to sit down for hours and try to figure out what you doing only to mess it up again. Well I’m going to show you how to get that box looking nice using only one piece of material and two tools.

box 2First you will need your Ribbon, glue and scissors and that is it.

box 3Take your box and your ribbon and measure the ribbon across the box. You then decide how far you want your ribbon to end. I tried to do it just on the underside of the inside of the box. Any left over ribbon can be trimmed. Using the UHU glue it is best to let the glue get tacky, to stop it form moving around. Then do the same thing in the opposite direction.

box 4

Then you need to work on the bow. For a video tutorial check out my video here. I show you how to tie the bow to have both of the shiny sides facing the same way.

  1. Create a loop and take the long piece of ribbon and place it over the loop and around the back of the ribbon until the underside is facing you.
  2. Then twist the long piece of the ribbon until the right side is facing you and push it through the loop.
  3. Pull the ribbon through then fix to your desired satisfaction.

NOTE: Just like doing the loop on a shoe lace except you are twisting the ribbon to ensure you have the sides the same. If you are unsure check out my video here.

box 5

For the tips of the ribbon I folded the ribbon in half vertically and cut from the tip down in a diagonal with the point of the scissors facing down. To get the pointed end you cut up with the point of the scisors facing you.


#Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box

my christmas pamper boxNow as adults unless we are involved in a secret santa our Christmas prezzies can be limited as most times it is aimed at the children. So I like to go and get a little something for my friends, whether it is something that they can relate to, like a book of their hobbies or maybe a perfume if they are an avid collector. On this occasion I decided to do a pamper box. Something that is a lot more personal and catered towards them. One of the good things is to do something that allows them to focus on themselves and make them feel special. So here is what I chose. Now depending on your budget you can go high,  low or mid end or you can mix it up. As I was doing this for a few friends the budget had to be lower. That being said I did go over board.  Here is what I  bought.

my christmas pamper box 1

A pamper box won’t be a pamper box without a few skincare products. Here I opted for a Cucumber cooling face mask, a refreshing hydrogel  eye patches both bought from Superdrug. Honey and Almond foot mask, Garnier face and body cream Garnier skincare Micellar water and a lip balm which came in a pack of three from Poundland.

my christmas pamper box 3

I couldn’t resist popping in a beauty sponge and a makeup brush cleaner.  Thus turning this into a pamper and beauty box lol. At a pound each I couldn’t resist.

my christmas pamper box 4

Could not let the box go empty without a bathbomb, the cupcake kind and a scented candle. Both from Poundland. I haven’t used the bathbomb but I have lit the Airwick scented candle but the sweet pea scented one and it is so divine.

my christmas pamper box 2

Everyone likes a little scent. I also picked these up from Poundland. I am so in love with So fragrances and body mists. Usually they have different scents but this is the only one that they had. The smell is so nice. It is only a small bottle and it is a great size for your hand bag. When I saw the Impulse, I thought why not. I haven’t smelled it, but I know it gone smell good.

my christmas pamper box 5

Lastly I opted for these goodies.  Now the Highlights is for a couple of friends that are watching the weight and the chocolate is for a friend who doesn’t have to. Lol. These are perfect to add to this Christmas box.

In total I spent £14 including the box.  I was only planning to spend £10 the impulse, and makeup accessories were last-minute.

So I hope this has given you a few ideas on what to put inside your pamper gift box.



#Blogmas day 16 – The Man Gift

gift for men

Sometimes finding mens gifts can be a challenge, they always seem limited. If your man or the man you are going to buy for is fussy or  doesn’t like much stuff, it can prove to be even more difficult. The gift can either be too gimmicky or too obvious. But sometimes, you just have to stick with the obvious and gimmicky. One rule I try to follow is if they need it get it. Unless it’s something like a car or a luxury holiday lol.

1 . What I have noticed, is that mens products have been stepping up these past years. First it started out with products aimed at men, now they have products AIMED AT MEN. From the packaging, to the ingredients. There are now companies that only sell products for men. One of my products that I picked up is from a company aimed at men. Now I have never heard of them before and found it by accident, whilst I was put shopping looking for gift ideas for a video colab I was doing.

gift for menBulldog has a wide selection of products, it’s clever and simple packaging is also great for men who don’t like making much of a fuss. This product has natural ingredients and has quite a range of skincare and products for shaving.  This lovely gift set comes in a toiletry bag and  retails at £15.00 but Tesco had a really good offer. £5.00 I think.


gifts for men 22 . Sticking to skincare and also on a special offer was this Bayliss and Harding Black pepper and ginsing Mens gift set. What I like about it was the black pepper and ginsing ingedients. The packaging was perfect so I picked it up.


3 . Next is a wallet. Get them two. On for everyday and one for going out. Maybe get a wallet and stick in a gift card of their favourite shop.

4 . Haircare, is a good one, just like skincare products men want to take care of their hair too. Cantu for men, who sells hair care for women originally have come out with a range for men.


5 . Maybe you can do a selction of things. Purchase a duffle bag and put some hair and skincare products. Or and Maybe a going out kit, like special boxers, A tie, a wallet and a bottle or one of those small collection bottles of aftershave.

What ever you decide, don’t forget to get creative. How you present it is just as exciting as the present itself.




#Blogmas day 15 Getting Ahead at Christmas

christmas shoppingI didn’t really plan it, it kind of just happen. I had a list but I hadn’t planned to start shopping  for Christmas just yet , but whilst out and about I thought  I  might as well. I am sure glad I did. I feel so much better now that I started.

Sometimes that is what you have to do. Just because you planned ahead, doesn’t mean you can’t bring it forward. If you read my  #vlogmas day 13- Making a list checking it twice blog, you know that my life was getting a little hectic and stressful so it was time to do that list. With only two more Saturday’s left till Christmas I do not want to get caught up in the Christmas rush. I want to spend it relaxing eating and watching movies.

So to help lighten the load for Christmas, here is what I bought.

Stuff for my desserts. My traditional Dishes Apple Crumble and Triffle with a swamp of alcohol. Lol. These two desserts are my favs at Christmas. My mum started this tradition and I have carried it on.  My son was excited that I was making Triffle.

Christmas shopping 1

For the salads I can not do without my dressings. And for the homemade coleslaw and potato salad, Mayo. I still  need to buy salad cream, as I like to mix the two together.

I usually get bigger bags but they did not have any, which was a good job as I would not have been able to carry it. It has been a while since I’ve cooked long grain, so I thought I’ll buy a bag.

Christmas shopping 2

So in my blog about snacks for guests etc, I mentioned one of my favs and that is cocktail sticks. Cherries, hot dog, cheese, pickled onions and Pineapple. You put three of any combination on a stick and stick it in an orange .  They are delicious. Hopefully I can get some more bits in.

Christmas shopping 4

So that is it so far, ticking one box at a time. How are you getting on with your Christmas to do list? That being said I still need to put the tree up.


#Blogmas day 14 – A Lippy Christmas

lippy group picture 2It is day 14 and if you haven’t been to any already I’m sure Christmas parties are coming. I on the other hand do not have any, as I work for myself and with  my dad boohoo. However we usually have one at my choir, but I don’t think one is happening this year as people have other parties to go to. It’s kind of looking a bit dim for me. But I am not going to be unprepared.  So I have dug out my Christmas/Winter  lip shades. From bold to natural here is what I have chosen. They are all from MakeUp Revolution. RRP £3

lippy 4

I do like a dark lip. There is something about wearing a really dark shade that is quite seductive and sexy. You can wear this shade with a bold face or something more on the neutral side. No need to line with this lippy unless you are doing  a ombre lip A soft and moisturising feel, perfect for the winter.  PRIVATE MEMBERS CLUB

lippy 3Sticking with the darker I have opted for this  lovely deep burgundy shade. This colour is suited for evening and a night on the town. This lush colour is great when I want to go dark but not too vampy MATTE DIAMOND LIFE.

lippy 1

When a red is calling you, but you don’t want to make a post box jealous, this is the perfect colour for your office party. Making a statement  with your lips and let them be the talk of the office with this fab red.  PAST MIDNIGHT

lippy 2

Taking it to the nudes with this one. If I’m having a full face bold eyes, I sometimes want a more subtle lip, but a colour that still says, I want to be noticed. I’ve opted for this one. I wear it on its own or doubled up with a red or brown lipstick. HEAD TURNER.

lippy 5

If I’m going for that complete nude look, this lipstick is perfect. This colour compliments the reds and browns eyeshadow nicely. The only problem is, that some nudes don’t wear well on me. So I have to line my lips or mix in with a slightly darker shade. EXCLUSIVE.lippy pencil

With these shades, I sometimes opt for a two toned colour whether it would be a ombre look or more of a blended look.

These are my lipsticks for the season.

lippy opt 2



#Blogmas day 13 – Making a list checking it twice

So I’ll admit, last night was a procrastinating time. I am so drained mentally that I could not focus. I hate these times, cause it means I have to be playing catch up. Then I get drained and the whole cycle starts all over again. So I sit here at 8.13 am and writing this blog sipping on my mocha before my dad picks me up for work. I didn’t know what I really wanted to write so that contributed to my procrastination. However, this idea came up so here I am writing it. Let me point out I did edit 3 of my Vlogmas videos and uploaded them, so it wasn’t a total wasted evening.

I am so unprepared for Christmas like I am every year. The house always needing a good clearing, my tree is still not up and I just feel lost, dazed and confused. Panick starts to kick in and I lose all sense of normality. Then my brain kicks in and says why are you stressing and what are you really stressing about? You still got a little time to sort yourself out. There is online shopping, you know what you are going to cook, you know what prezzies you are going to get for your son, so what is the big woop?

The big woop is me doing the same thing year after year after year. But today is the day that I get my brain back and throw away the stress. That being said I have choir tonight and a gig tomorrow so I will not have my evenings. Oh well.

Well I just took 5 and purchased my Son’s present well at least one of them. Ok so that pressure is off. I’ve scheduled it for Saturday cause I know that is when I’m going to be home.

Feeling a little better but still a little arghhhhhhh. Time to get at ease. Making that list.

  1.  Do a food shopping list for Christmas and start buying them now.
  2.  Do a todo list. That probably shouldv’e been number one.
  3.  Do the to do list lol.
  4.  Set deadlines and get them done.

So my list

  • Clean house
  • Put up tree
  • Buy prezzies
  • Wrap prezzies
  • Prepare ideas for blogmas and vlogmas

That is pretty much my list, if I can just start with that then I be good. Of course there is a little more depth to it. For a few of my Vlogmas video’s I have to buy some bits cause I’ll be making a few festive drinks and making other stuff. So make sure you are SUBSCRIBED.

So that is it. I still feel a bit of tension but that’s because I need to write out what I need to do so it is clear in my head. So until tomorrow.


#Blogmas day 12 – Quick food & drink guide to last minute entertaining

So you have some guests coming around for a Christmas drink. Its unplanned and you have nothing in. The panick starts and you are thinking of cancelling. Well don’t. It’s nice being the spontaneous and living for the moment type of person until it actually challenges you. Well don’t worry there is a quick fix. If people are coming round for drinks, encourage them to bring a bottle, that will ensure you will have enough drinks. For those who might want to start of with a hot drink make sure you got those in.

The best thing for you to do is to stock up before this happens. You know your friends so you know what they like to drink. So if it is spirits, beers or and wines, get a bottle of two of each and of course a pack of beer/cider etc.

Always keep emergency cash in an envelope or something. You know that these moments can always come when the cash flow is low, so don’t get caught out. Now that’s the drinks out of the way, now for the nibbles.

breadbuncroissantraisin-bread1. One of my favs is dipping bread in a Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil, mixed with dried herbs. This is delicious. You can make it yourself and takes only a  minute. You can have an array of breads; French stick, naan, those tiny pita breads.  Or you can have the oil and herbs and vinegar in individual bowls. How about having some dip along with.

2. Nuts are always great to have. Why not make it special by putting nuts into individuals containers and placing them in a basket.

dish-1494235831hRM3. Something quick, get a few pizzas stick them in the oven and the cut them up into small finger sized foods. Maybe sprinkle some spinach leaves on top and have a dip on the side to make it more interesting.

4. Looking to have something else that is warm. How about chicken wings, you can get bbq, southern fried and salt and black pepper. With a sweet chili dip to compliment it, they will go down a treat.

5. If you want to get a bit more fancy how about slicing a baguette, base it with pesto and do a mixture of chopped tomatoes, spring onion, and chives, Sprinkled with rock salt.


#Blogmas day 11 – My Top 5 Christmas Treats

Ok, you know when it comes to Christmas treats the diet has gone completely out of the window. Eating healthy is just not an option. However you can always keep those pounds at bay with a lot of extra exercise. Anyway, just throwing that out there. Cause I know once I start on my treats there is no stopping until the Christmas buzz is over.  So here are my Top 5 treats.

1 . Martini Rosso and coke, Garnished with a fresh lime and cocktail cherry’s. Let me stress Cocktail cherries, not the glazier ones. (Yuck)

2. Cocktail sticks. The assortment of hot dog, cheese, cocktail cherry, pineapple and cocktail onions. I usually stack three garnishes at a time.

3. Nuts. I do love my assortment of nuts especially honey cashews from Marks and Spencers. Those Brazilian ones. So big and creamy delicious.

4. Well this is more of a dessert rather than a treat. But a crumble. My home-made apple crumble. I like to have mine with either yogurt or ice-cream. I like my crumble Torte. The tangier the better. ( Recipe coming soon)

5. A couple of glasses of Asti Martini or Beringer White Zinfadel. I do love my sparkling and sweet.

These are what I tend to have as my Christmas Drinks and eats.


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