90 day success challenge day 15

GETTING MY HEAD DOWN As the days go on and my challenge countdown has begun, I have taken it upon myself to not interact on my phone, more so on my whatsApp. Yes there are days that are quiet but there are days where answering every text can be a distraction. Now I’m not talkingContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 15”

90 day success challenge day 14

  How am I feeling? So the full second week and I am feeling quite good. Little doubts try to sneak its way in, but I squish them by regaining my focus and looking over the things that I need to do.  I also reflect how my previous efforts over the years have made meContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 14”

90 day success challenge day 12

The days keep coming and I keep working. My daily routine is the same from day-to-day. Filming, editing and uploading and sharing my content. There are a  few things that I am eager to work on and one of them is my handmade business, Nithria. Although I really want to push on with this, aContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 12”

90 day success challenge day 11

Day 11 of my 90 day success challenge and I am filming away at my tutorials on my workbook journal. Along side that I have been working on idea’s for my vlogs and blogs post. The best thing about working on my 90 day success challenge is that ideas keep coming up and my workbookContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 11”

90 day success challenge day 9

Day 9 of my 90 day success challenge. If you follow both of my instagram accounts Análaigh and Análaigh blog you will see that I have been particular busy working on my version of a working journal. In this journal I have developed a system that will help keep me motivated and to keep meContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 9”

90 day success challenge day 8

Day 8 of my official start to my 90 day success challenge I have spent the past 7 days prepping and organising and quite frankly I still go loads to do. When you start breaking everything down, it is amazing how much stuff you have got to work through. Now I have a lot ofContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 8”

90 day success challenge day 6

Day six and I am two days away from starting my 90 day success challenge. Or shall I say, two days away from putting everything into action. Lets recap. The first 7 days was never to begin straight away but to do my own personal groundwork. To evaluate and to assess my needs, wants, weaknessesContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 6”