90 day success challenge day 25

90 day success challenge day 25.  Today was a hard day today. Couldn’t work out if I’ve burnt myself out or if it’s just that feeling of feeling overwhelmed. My work flow is going great and procrastination is 0. I have even caught up on some pieces of work. But today felt hard. I didn’tContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 25”

90 day success challenge day 23

Day 23 of my 90 day success challenge. I did no work today. I spent it with my friends watching a recording of Gareth Malone’s latest TV show. It was a lovely evening especially seeing Gareth Malone and some of the TV crew that myself alongside Byron Gold and SES A capella from Stratford EastContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 23”

90 day success challenge day 21

Wow 3 three weeks into my 90 day success challenge, where has the time gone? With each passing day I make it a point to make sure I tell myself well done, by getting through to another day. Whether you accomplish all what you set out or only part of it. Work done, is workContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 21”

90 day success challenge day 19

90 day success challenge catch up. Because I couldn’t decide whether to blog daily or not, I started dithering and only did some posts. After weighing up some decisions I ended up, deciding to post daily. So I spent this day playing catch up. Having written out my to do lists it helped with whatContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 19”

90 day success challenge day 19

90 day success challenge sometimes will be a day where you will not have a full day. However  I made sure I got up early enough to put in an hours worth of exercising, got some house chores done and did some work. Sometimes you have to adjust your days according to what you haveContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 19”

90 day success challenge day 18

90 day success challenge also includes keeping on top of the house work. This is something that I tend to let slip. Especially when I am really focusing on my tasks and all I can think about is completing them. This day is going to be a mixed day. A day of work and catchingContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 18”

90 day success challenge day 16

The days seem to be rolling fast. The count down drawing nearer and nearer. My workbook is filling up with new ideas of pages to create. Pages that will help me keep track and help me to keep focus. Writing everything down is really helpful. It allows me to free up space inside my headContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 16”