90 day success challenge day 35

90 day success challenge day 35. It’s Monday and my week already is busy. I have orders to fulfill, rooms to decorate, vlogs and blogs to do and ideas to bring to life. It is also the last full week before September is upon us. So this week will involve a lot of planning andContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 35”

90 day success challenge day 33

90 day success challenge day 33. Whoop whoop day 2 of the second month and I am on fire. Ideas, are being created, tasks are being ticked off and the light seems to be getting brighter. So what do you do at the weekend, this is a tricky one. You have loads to accomplish butContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 33”

90 day success challenge day 29

90 day success challenge day 29. OH MY GOODNESS Tomorrow will be a month that I have been on this challenge. I can not believe it. Wow. So far so good. I have been working every single day. Procrastination has not even been on the agenda. However I have had a few off days whichContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 29”

90 day challenge day 28

90 day challenge day 28. Getting over those barriers. Those days will come when oops the unexpected happens and that unexpected takes all day. So two questions you must ask yourself. Do I just thrash it out until it is done Come back to it. Well for me it all depends what the  situation is.Continue reading “90 day challenge day 28”

90 day success challenge day 27

90 day success challenge day 27. A beautiful Sunday and today I decided to do some work planning. I have now started planning out the things I need to do for my business and will be getting started on that tomorrow. I am really excited about this. Hence why I started my 90 day successContinue reading “90 day success challenge day 27”