#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience

Now you have got yourself into the Christmas mood and if you haven’t, please read my tips on how to do so here. With all this Christmas mood, why not back it up with a bit of Christmas Ambience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, but it will certainly help keep up theContinue reading “#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience”

#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.

There are times when we are just not in the mood. That is fine at anytime of the year. But when it comes to Christmas, to feel not in the mood can make you feel as though you are being a miserable grouch. When people talk of spending time with their loved ones, or jettingContinue reading “#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.”

Journey for a better home (on a budget)

GETTING THE BEDROOM YOU DESIRE ArtWork courtsey of Marian’s Arts Ok. So you have sifted through those lovely pictures on instagram. Looking and dreaming over those gorgeous homes. Wishing that you could just be in one of those rooms right this minute. Before long you wake from your daze and look around and then theContinue reading “Journey for a better home (on a budget)”