Active April

Active April 2017 bannerNew month, new challenge. Who is up for it? I know that I am. This month I am going to be focusing on my fitness. Getting my exercise in. I have a lot of fitness to do and I need to get on it. I am a bit of a yo-yo fitness person. Two weeks in and  I am off. I swear I don’t do it on purpose I just get caught up in life and other bits. The thing is I actually like exercising, I enjoy it I just have a problem making time of it. Oh well onwards and upwards.

Like some or most I do not like the way I look on camera and the clothes lets talk about the clothes that are slowly detaching themselves from the seams. I refuse to buy size 18, its like me accepting my increase in size, there is no way, it is depressing enough looking at my clothes that no longer fit.

Anyhoo I decided to do a new challenge this month called Active April  where I start to get really active and start with exercising and aiming to get down a few dress sizes by the end of the year. I do tend to set high weight loss goals because small ones do not motivate me, I kind of shrug them off. So I like to set them up big and aim to reach that goal.

In order for me to do this I need to eat differently and exercise more. (No new info there) To be honest it needs to be a priority. Years ago although my diet wasn’t great I was always in the gym 5 days a week. I would also do back to back classes, even with all those classes I did not have the body I wanted because of the food I ate, but I kept my weight down. Lately my life is a lot more hectic and with so much going on I find it hard to put my health at the top of the priority list. Over the past few tears my weight has ballooned topping 13 stone I however lost it and reached 10 stones 6lbs, still over weight but my lowest since I’ve put on. However, I have ballooned again back to 13 stones 3lbs. I am deeply disappointed in myself and I am tired of having those conversations of me losing weight in my head. I have a habit of starting and stopping and then just nothing. So this month I will be kick starting my journey to weight lost. I stated with the before pictures and writing down my measurements.


It took  some convincing to post a picture of myself. I was so close to not doing it at all. Seeing the truth all over social media, but you know what? life is too short to worry about small things like, oh my gosh I do not want people to see me like this. Yet I walk the streets and go out and hundreds of people see me like this everyday. So what if a few thousand more all over the world see me.

So there you have it.  Size 16 and growing. My main growth area is my butt and stomach. These areas I will be working really hard to get down. Now I haven’t started yet although I had planned this one in advanced, unlike my Move it March Challenge; but I am making sure weight is lost at the end of the month.

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Insides matter and insulin success

cinnamon-and-tumericWe take so much care on the outside appearance, with lotions and washes. Scrubs, exfoliating. We search for our products online in shops we test them out. Our cupboards are filled with half used bottle of stuff. Before we have even finished a product we are already filling our baskets with something new, hoping it will be better than the stuff that already works. All of that is fine, we want to look and feel good on the outside. But the real secret to looking good and feeling good on the outside is to look after the inside.

We can drink as much water for glowing skin  but that is not really the insides I am talking about. I’m talking about literally looking after your insides. Your heart, arteries, blood liver and kidney. There are so many remedies that are good for you, some you may like in taste, some you may not, but they are good for you. Take for instance cinnamon and Tumeric. Here is some of the properties that they hold.


  • Help type 2 diabetes
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties
  • Anti-inflammatory properties

And the list goes on.


  • Medicinal herb
  • Natural inflammatory compound
  • Increase antioxidant capacity in the body
  • Helps lower risk of heart disease

And the list goes on. Taking spices and herbs is a very important factor in our diet. Some of us already use it in our cooking and salads and some use it on purpose. For example, my mother has recently become unwell, showing signs of clogged arteries, now we all know that prevention is better than cure. After feeling really unwell and numerous trips to the hospital, she was subscribed a ton of tablets, which she was not excited about taking. I mentioned that the only way to come off those tablets was to get your health in a good place. She is a type two diabetic and has a list that goes on that is wrong and is on a lot of medication.

I started making her a tea. Water, cinnamon and tumeric. I make sure she has at least two cups of this a day. Although she does have problems breathing and is on oxygen , drinking the tea, she said it really helps her breathing, it eases up and she is more comfortable. What she also discovered, by drinking this tea, she hadn’t the need to take her insulin, and her levels have been great. This is the first time in years she has not needed to take any insulin.

Overall this is a good tea mix to drink. I also drink this tea, but not as often as I should, which needs to change. One cup a day will be so beneficial.

Here is how I make it. I bring a pan of water to the boil then I put in a few sticks of cinnamon and a table-spoon of tumeric. Now, I don’t always measure the ingredients, I just make it up. You can adjust the taste by adding more or less of one. I would advise in using an old pot or buying one just for this tea as the tumeric, really stains. NO SUGAR. It doen’t make any sense in making teas that are beneficial to you if you then go and add sugar or sweetners

If you try this tea, let me know your thoughts. If you are a diabetic let me know if this affected your insulin intake.




Over weight and growing

over-weight-and-growingWhen it comes to what we put in our body, there comes a time when it is entirely our decision. When we are young we don’t have a choice. Our parents buy, prepare and cook our food and usually from there we tend to follow their habits and their decisions. As  time goes on and information is presented to us, we learn so much in what we can do to live longer, better and happier. Some of us go down that path with ease others not so much and then there are those who don’t care. Either way we hold the choice in our hands.

Living a healthier lifestyle should be everyone’s choice but it is not. Although a healthier lifestyle appeals to me I just can not get to it. Being the kind of person I am I really don’t like restrictions no matter how beneficial or good they may be for me, so I find it hard to restrict myself especially when it comes to health. Bearing in mind I come from a home of cooked food rather than processed foods, that being said, process foods were not in abundance like they are now. However I do not stop trying. I eat healthy food anyway, I love my fruits and vegetables, seeds and greens. So eating healthy food actually isn’t a hard thing for me to do. What is hard is eating healthy consistently and making it a priority. That being said if someone was going to cook all my meals I probably wouldn’t have too much of a problem. Although I would like some homemade fried chicken and homemade chips at some point.

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If you can not diet take steps

plate 1If you are anything like me and you desperately need to lose weight and need to get a somewhat healthier eating lifestyle; but you tend to do the all or nothing approach, then STOP! STOP! right now. This kind of mind-set can never get you off the starting block. There are some people who can set their mind to it and almost in an instant, they’ve picked up a good habit as though they were born with it. Some of us are still dwelling on,

Life is cruel to let us eat what we want and have to pay for it.

Healthy eating is a must for a better life. Gives you better skin, your organs work better and your mind is well nourished. However the constant rush of life, leaves you feeling as though you can not do it all. Some of our very big excuses is that, we do not have time, or we can not afford it or the dog made me do it. REALLY? !!!!!

Time to bin the excuses and start looking and thinking of ways to create a better you. No matter how small or how much time it takes. Keep the focus.

  1. Remember your habit will come.
  2. Be honest with yourself. What are your food weakness and strengths?
  3. Never force yourself to stop eating something. You find that you might end up eating even more than you usually do.
  4. Start by having scheduled eating days. This can be as little as once a week. But try and keep all meals healthy for that day or days.
  5. Presentation. Present your food nicely on a plate imagine you are at a restaurant. You do not want to be served with food plonked on your plate, so why would you serve yourself that way.


  1. Baby or new potatoes. Part boiled, then roast with Pomace olive oil, and sprinkle Rosemary. I add Himalayan salt (optional)
  2. Salad – small plum tomatoes. Long red Peppers,
  3. Lettuce of choice and cucumber.
  4. Dressing- Make your own with balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Or a sprinkle of a shop brand.
  5. Baby Corn and Snap peas
  6. Roast chicken.

NOTE: If you are focusing on calories have less chicken and only two potatoes.


Journey for a better home (on a budget)



ArtWork courtsey of Marian’s Arts

Ok. So you have sifted through those lovely pictures on instagram. Looking and dreaming over those gorgeous homes. Wishing that you could just be in one of those rooms right this minute. Before long you wake from your daze and look around and then the reality hits. You do not have the money to replicate said bedroom. Then all in an Instagram you do not feel too good about it. Let me take you through my journey. And really it is not that bad.

Looked at my bedroom, and I found it to be uninspiring. It took me ages to get out of bed. Every morning was a drag, going to bed seemed a drag. Now of course there are always other things that are going on in your life that contribute to it. But you know what, people tend to overlook their environment. Your environment can have a massive influence on how you feel so always make sure you have the correct environment that is inspiring.

Start off with something small. When was the last time you bought new bed sheets? If it has been a while why don’t you go and get a set. If you are on a budget look for special offers or ones that are on sale. You  do not have to break the bank.

These are most recent purchases and I swore to myself no more. But that is another post. Theses were about £12 each from my catologue.


Keep referencing that picture you saw on the interweb. Recreate it. Purchase a couple of cheap cushions and cushion covers. Do it with a colour scheme in mind. Maybe you might see a pair of cushion covers that you just got to have. Base your choice of sheets around them or you can do it the other way round.


I also bought a pair of bedside lights. I purchased the larger shade before I found the lamp.

Lamp shade

The blue print is the one that came with the lamp. You do not have to purchase everything at once. Take your time, you will eventually create the room you want.

That is it.

Step 1 Find inspiration

Step 2 Do not give up

Step 3 Hunt for bargins

Step 4 There is no hurry if your budget does not allow. Do not get yourself into debt.

Step 5 Enjoy your journey.




Cheap chic

This is my first lifestyle piece and since I’ve been doing a little DIY, of the interior variety, I thought for my first post this will be a wonderful introduction. Sometimes you want to spruce up a room or hallway or maybe a bathroom. Here is what I did on a very low-budget.

1) Find pots of your choice

Whilst out doing my weekend shopping I spotted these fab pieces. One a milk jar and another a sugar bowl. These look fab and what is even more impressive is that they cost me only a £1 each. I snapped those pretty quick. You may have something lying around at home waiting to be put to good use.


2) Get Your Compost 

Ok I didn’t have any compost, so I got some dirt from the garden. Since I was doing this inside I put the dirt in a margin tub. I used cuttings from a Lavender plant that I have in my garden and a Spider plant.


3) Time for the fun part

Fill your pots with your dirt or compost. Some people like to add stones in the mix. Whatever your choice go for it.  Then plant your cuttings.93

4) There you have it.

Your finished in expensive decor. From start to finish in 10 minutes.

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