7 days


Ok it is 6.00am on Friday 16th September, winter is coming and it still amazes me the transformation from light to dark, as we draw near to the last quarter. It was only last week that at this time there was quite a bit of light. The early dark mornings fills my head with visons of socks on at home, a jumper, heating and hot coco. I really don’t mind the change, it just reminds me how wonderful this glorious earth is. It is like magic. A lot can happen in 7 days, we don’t always see it coming, whether it be subtle or drastic. Whether it will be something exciting, good, mediocre or bad. Sometimes the change can come from things that we have been doing weeks or months before or sometimes just out of the blue.

Well what happens when you haven’t had one of those weeks. Nothing has changed, well at least not much to write about or shout from the roof tops. I don’t know about you but I get those days where I feel as though it is time for a shift in my life, something that makes me feel as though that this week or next week is not the same as the last 10 weeks. Continue reading “7 days”

When in doubt lay it out

When in doubt coverHave you ever gone through life where, you are completing all the tasks that you set out to do, making you closer to your goals, however you feel so incomplete and you just do  not know where you are going wrong?  Most of all you feel like quitting. I do all too often. This starts to make me fear that I am not going to accomplish what I set out to do even though I am completing steps to make them happen. All of the sudden I see a long road that leads to no where. I start to doubt what I am doing and even doubt why I am doing it and I end up feeling lost and so confused.

It is weird cause this comes when I am taken action and taking steps to see improvement in my life. If I was doing nothing then that will explain it all, but when I am taking action and it leads me  to a place where I am even more confused. I am even more confused. How can one be working everyday and focusing and taking each hour as it comes planning and scheduling and also allowing a little free for all with my planning and thinking and still end up in a place, where I feel as though I have nothing planned or mapped out.  HERE IS WHAT I DO!

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90 day success challenge day 1

90 day success challenge day 1So I awoke in my bed the same as always. The same to do list that I cannot seem to get down and something new added every single day. I did not want to start this day  Tuesday July 19th 2016 the same as all the rest. This day has to be different. This isn’t the first time that I woke up feeling that things are not right and their needs to be a drastic shift in my life, but today was the day. This day I have had enough. There comes a time in your life when you hit bottom and you think that this is the day when you are going to do something about it, but instead there is still more bottom. 10 years later you start to believe is there any kind of bottom because you have not reached it yet. In my case I think that my bottom has me floating, not going down any further but not making any head way to the top. The problems and frustrations just keep changing, but they are not drastic to view it as a new bottom so I stay floating. New things enter my life, good things as well as not so good things, and it may seem like my life is better, but really it isn’t. I always convince myself that it is because I have achieved something really good, that I haven’t achieved before. But you now what. SO WHAT! Because the end results just keeps me floating at the bottom. In light of this I saw a vision, a vision called Day 1. Continue reading “90 day success challenge day 1”

Breaking the habit

Breaking the habit coverSometimes my best topics for when writing my blog, come from when I am instantly going through something. I have just finished putting a second layer of paint on 12 square canvases for a feature wall for my sons bedroom. I didn’t plan to blog today, but had a sudden urge to write. This kind of messes up my plans for today as this is a shorter day for me as it is choir day. As I type this I immediately put on ‘Breaking the habit’ by Linkin Park. ( One of my fav bands) Very suited for this topic.

Anyway. I was laying in my bed, with my phone in my hand. I switched onto instagram and began looking at pictures. Usually I look at pictures that inspire me, nature, love, interior design, exterior design, art work etc. This is all good but after a morning in morning out, week after week month after month it’s starting to turn into a habit and an excuse not to get out of bed and to start my day early. Continue reading “Breaking the habit”



Ok so I was suppose to be continuing with my organising if you have seen my @analaigh instagram you will know what I am talking about. Anyway’s I am always looking to improve and learn, which is great the down side to it, is that I sign up to these webinars, and online thingy’s and emails and stuff and then I never seem to get to watch them as they launch.

Thank goodness they record them, otherwise I would be just wasting my time and have an over subscribed full of mail in my inbox.

Anyhoo there is one webinar that I decided to watch. Bearing in mind I was in the middle of clearing up and organising and sorting out. (It’s a crafters life) The video was almost two hours long, I was like really I don’t have two hours, but alas I had to find that two hours. I was so glad I did  because I got some really interesting tip bits that I can apply to my blogs and website. Continue reading “Homework”

Be Mindful


If you have ever felt as though your life is swiftly passing you by. You are right, it is. Not because time has sped up in the past 10 to 15 years but because you have allowed it to.  We feel as though we don’t get a chance to enjoy it.  Well you don’t. You are so busy with everything that is going on with your life and what is not going on with your life, that you are turning into one big ball of negative energy.

So how do we fix this? Well it is simple. You need to stop and take stock of what is happening around you. When I mean take stock I mean the whole stock. Here is my short.

Once upon a time I would get up every morning and I was always in a lull. I knew what I had planned for the day, my goals would be set and all I had to do was to go and achieve them, however something was missing. Fast forward. I realised, it was my sleeping environment.  Without hesitation I started decorating my bedroom. Including  buying new bedsheets and light fittings. Continue reading “Be Mindful”