#Blogmas day 18 – Jazz up your Christmas box

I know that not everybody is crafty and would prefer to just go out and buy as oppose to sit down for hours and try to figure out what you doing only to mess it up again. Well I’m going to show you how to get that box looking nice using only one piece ofContinue reading “#Blogmas day 18 – Jazz up your Christmas box”

Move it March Challenge

Welcome to the Move it March challenge. This challenge was inspired by my last blog post The Big to do. It is about getting all the things done that you keep putting off for weeks, months or even years. Not your normal stuff but the stuff that do not deem important. Sorting out computer files,Continue reading “Move it March Challenge”

Month of Love- keep it positive

I know, I know there are plenty of people out there who can not stand, shall I dear say it. Valentines day. There are so many negatives that are associated with the V word. Cheesey, exploitation, money, etc. For others, they like to take this day as a day of fun, happiness and a reasonContinue reading “Month of Love- keep it positive”

Are you investing in yourself?

We invest so much into our lives. Cleaning house, food and clothes shopping, going out with friends, family do’s. Because of this we make the assumption that we are making our lives better. To some point we are, especially if we manage to keep on top of these things that I have listed above. InvestingContinue reading “Are you investing in yourself?”

Beautiful things can still grow.

There are too many moments in my life when I allow situations to bring up my stress levels. Business, environment, choosing a secondary school for my son, what to cook, what to wear, shopping and the list goes on and on. There are times when it is hard to find a happy or peaceful momentContinue reading “Beautiful things can still grow.”