Home Spa for under £15.00

So you should have already read up on my review on Superdrug’s Naturally radiant collection that I am currently using and I absolutely love, if you haven’t click here and now I am going to give my review on Superdrug’s New Spaa Retreat range. I have only bought three items in this range, it was a last minute buy. I was almost ready to go … Continue reading Home Spa for under £15.00

Best for my skin

There were days when all I want to do is scream at my skin because it would not cooperate. It was as stubborn as I was. It would not budge. No matter what time of day it was or what the climate was, my skin always found its way to be dry. Now like a few black girls, back in the day it was all about the coco butter. Well actually it was all about the Astral cream, then came along coco butter.

Now as a child you just used whatever your mama gave ya and didn’t really focus too much on your skin. Ir was all about bath and cream. Wearing long socks as a child, by the time you took them off when you went home your legs were dry. Usually you would just assume it was because of the socks. Perhaps. Or it could be just that your skin was dry.

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Facial Care

One thing that I like to do and that is to take care of  my face. It wasn’t something that I did on purpose, it was gradual and I accidentally found myself with a daily ritual. From the time I was young growing into my teens, there were talks of acne and teenagers. I didn’t want to get acne so I made sure I used the products that will help me lessen the amount of acne that I will get. So one of my first products back in the day was Biactol. For those of you old enough to remember.  I used that daily just warm water and a squirt of this orangey, pinkey liquid. Then a few years later the facial scrub came in. With its course texture and a sqirt of the liquid I would scrub my face to ensure it was clean. Needless to say it did hurt, but I grew accustomed to it eventually.

Then came Clearasil a more modern and up to date facial wash from Biactol. I switched from Biactol to Clearisil then eventually to Clean and Clear. I have been using Clean and Clear ever since and occassionally using Clearasil. I have added different products as I have discovered them but I’ll leave that for another blog. Enough about my history here is my regime.

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