Makeup save up

makeup save up 2

Makeup, is here and here to stay. Whether you like to wear a full face, just lipstick, just mascara, or if you only wear make up for special occasions. You will have probably purchased makeup at least a few times in any one year. With the increase in blogs and vlogs, and the ability to do your make up yourself with some really good results, beauty and products is pretty much a top trending topic. As well as your known brands, celebrities are coming out with their own.

Makeup can range from £0.99 to £200000 and more. (But they tend to have diamonds etc.) So makeup is affordable for pretty much everyone. The way people choose or buy their makeup can sometimes be related to how much money they hold in their purse. For others it could be a matter of priority in one’s life so they make sure that they can purchase the brand or brands they want. Continue reading “Makeup save up”