My May Favs

May favs

May is well in the middle, meaning that there is only a few weeks left till June. Meaning we are entering the middle of the year. Yikes. So fast already. Anyway beautiful people,  I thought that it was about time to show the makeup that I am loving right now. The setting, the blush and the lips. Yes, there are a few things that are making my face light up, products that are affordable and readily available. Products that because they are in most major high street stores you can enjoy money-saving promotions. Which means more money for makeup. So these are my may Favs.

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Getting ready for spring

Who isn’t  looking forward to spring. I mean it gets a little warmer, the fruit trees  start to bud and the flowers start to bloom. So many lovely and beautiful things happen in the spring. People’s moods start to lift and the days have already started to get lighter like your change of wardrobe. So many wonderful things happen in spring and it is one that I look forward to. Mainly because it follows winter. In preparation of this time I am going to share with you some of my beauty favs and colours for everyday wear.


Prepping my skin I like to use Maybeline baby skin  primer. It leaves my skin feeling as though I have a soft coating of baby powder, which is a good base for when applying my foundation.

Sleek foundation. I love this brand and this type. It is so light on my face and using sparingly can leave me with a real natural look. Unlike some foundations, it does not leave my skin with an oily look.  Colour 989 Earth.

LA Girl Pro.face pressed powder. I am really impressed with this brand and their products. This powder really works with my skin and is perfect for my skin tone. It comes with a mirror and sponge and is something that will definitely be part of my on the go make up kit. Colour true bronze.

Gosh rebel eyes massacre. Sometimes it is not everyday thick black and sexy lashes. There are days where I want to just keep it light including my lashes. This massacare is perfect for such lash goals and I really recommend it. It leaves your lashes separated and defined, whilst also leaving you with a natural look.

LA Girl Matte lipstick. I love this brand and their matte shades. They do have a variety of colours and I especially love mixing and matching, whilst creating umbre lips or just to mix up the colours. It gives me the just the right amount of matte without looking too drying.

Essence cosmetics. This is such a cute brand it reminds me of being a teen. With their cute looking essence the gel nail polish. This brand has such an array of colours, from very darks to really light. I have a small collection of this nail polish and I will be definitely rocking the essence polish on my nails.

What are you spring go to’s have you got colours or pallets that you like? Let me know. Till then.


Nail it

nail-reviewNo matter how rubbish your nails look, nail varnish works its magic and gives you lovely looking nails. Just a quick buff and polish; a bottom coat and your choice of colour and there you go a happy hand. I have built a small collection of essence the gel nail polish and I love every single one of them. They have great coverage and they leave your nails looking great.

My latest buy is the no make up look. They leave a powdery smooth finish and leaves your nails looking healthy and natural. You can see me wearing the pink varnish in my video haul Poundland & Pound Stretcher. They have a vast range of colours from natural to pastel to bold. Colours and glitter varnishes to suit any occassion. I purchase my essence the gel nail polish from Wilko’s for £1.69

If you wear this brand let me know what you think of it. I love it and I am looking to get more colours in this range. So if youare looking to try a new varnish, try essence te gel nail polish.


Lipstick Mypick & LA Girl

For the longest time, I was on the hunt for matte make up.  Eyeshadow and lipstick. In my younger days way back when it was not a problem picking up matte make it was all good. But when I grew older all there were on the shelves in all the stores were, sparkly, shimmer  and glowy make up. It was so frustrating. All I wanted was something that I could wear during the day (for the days when I wore make up) without looking like a glitter ball. When I did find something matte it was not anything that I wanted to buy.

Fast forward a few years more and more matte make up was beginning to surface. They did not come in abundance but they were coming. So fast forward a bit more and I have found a brand of lipstick that I absolutely love, La Girl. At long last.


I adore this matte range. I only have these colours at the moment and hope to get some more. They have a range of colours and a range of shades. Colours include pinks, reds, and purples. These lipsticks are perfect for casual and for special occasions, they are highly pigmented and feel good when applying and have a long wear. They average around £5.00. These are definitely my go to lippy for when I just want to pop into my bag and go.

There are some good points to this lipstick brand.

  • High pigment
  • Long wearing
  • Good price

If you haven’t tried it yet you should.









Makeup save up

makeup save up 2

Makeup, is here and here to stay. Whether you like to wear a full face, just lipstick, just mascara, or if you only wear make up for special occasions. You will have probably purchased makeup at least a few times in any one year. With the increase in blogs and vlogs, and the ability to do your make up yourself with some really good results, beauty and products is pretty much a top trending topic. As well as your known brands, celebrities are coming out with their own.

Makeup can range from £0.99 to £200000 and more. (But they tend to have diamonds etc.) So makeup is affordable for pretty much everyone. The way people choose or buy their makeup can sometimes be related to how much money they hold in their purse. For others it could be a matter of priority in one’s life so they make sure that they can purchase the brand or brands they want. Continue reading “Makeup save up”