The make up revolution foundation sticks

I was so excited when Makeup Revolution brought out these sticks. These gorgeous, pretty packaged delights are a great addition to any makeup revolution fan. They come in 25 fantastic shades and I have 3 of them. F12 for my highlight contour F13 for my shade and F14 for my darker contour. These sticks retail for a very affordable £5 each and at that price … Continue reading The make up revolution foundation sticks

#Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box

Now as adults unless we are involved in a secret santa our Christmas prezzies can be limited as most times it is aimed at the children. So I like to go and get a little something for my friends, whether it is something that they can relate to, like a book of their hobbies or maybe a perfume if they are an avid collector. On … Continue reading #Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box

My May Favs

May favs

May is well in the middle, meaning that there is only a few weeks left till June. Meaning we are entering the middle of the year. Yikes. So fast already. Anyway beautiful people,  I thought that it was about time to show the makeup that I am loving right now. The setting, the blush and the lips. Yes, there are a few things that are making my face light up, products that are affordable and readily available. Products that because they are in most major high street stores you can enjoy money-saving promotions. Which means more money for makeup. So these are my may Favs.

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Getting ready for spring

Who isn’t  looking forward to spring. I mean it gets a little warmer, the fruit trees  start to bud and the flowers start to bloom. So many lovely and beautiful things happen in the spring. People’s moods start to lift and the days have already started to get lighter like your change of wardrobe. So many wonderful things happen in spring and it is one … Continue reading Getting ready for spring