#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special

It has not snowed this early in December for an age. The past few years have been pretty mild in comparison to today. So this is the perfect time to nestle down in front of the TV with a large mug of Mocha. I have never really been a big fan of coffee unless thereContinue reading “#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special”

#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards

So if you have been watching my Tube, you would notice that I am a big fan of all things crafty and also love to encourage others to get creative. Being creative stretches your imagination and you will be amazed what you can come up with. First of all don’t feel intimidated by what othersContinue reading “#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards”

#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience

Now you have got yourself into the Christmas mood and if you haven’t, please read my tips on how to do so here. With all this Christmas mood, why not back it up with a bit of Christmas Ambience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, but it will certainly help keep up theContinue reading “#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience”

#Blogmas 7 – Winter skincare tips and glowing skin

Why is my skin dryer in the winter than in the summer? It’s funny because winter equates to cold and damp air and rain, so we assume that there should be a lot of moisture in the air so we should not need as much hydrating and moisturising but we do. When we are atContinue reading “#Blogmas 7 – Winter skincare tips and glowing skin”

#Blogmas Day 6 – Gift packaging ideas

Gift wrapping is not for everyone. Being a crafty person I love wrapping presents. I’m just not too great at them. If you don’t like gift wrapping, here is a few lovely and affordable ideas. Now you know if you are subscribed to my YouTube you know that I am a big fan of Poundland.Continue reading “#Blogmas Day 6 – Gift packaging ideas”

#Blogmas day 5 -Quick Stress Free Christmas Gift Guide

If you are like me, you leave everything to the last minute, like you are in some kind of last minute to sort your Christmas out competition or something. I get stuck to what to buy, how much I want to spend and I get anixous, frustrated and sometimes end up spending money that IContinue reading “#Blogmas day 5 -Quick Stress Free Christmas Gift Guide”

#Blogmas day 4 – 9 Tips to keep yourself from piling on the pounds this Christmas

Some of us start as early as the 1st of December and others start a little later. We some how find the extra money and the extra room in our waist line to add more and more. The constant nibles are result of constantly convincing ourselves, that it is ok beacuse it is the holidayContinue reading “#Blogmas day 4 – 9 Tips to keep yourself from piling on the pounds this Christmas”

#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.

There are times when we are just not in the mood. That is fine at anytime of the year. But when it comes to Christmas, to feel not in the mood can make you feel as though you are being a miserable grouch. When people talk of spending time with their loved ones, or jettingContinue reading “#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.”

#Blogmas day 2 – Hot November Favs

Well it is that time again. What is hot in my bag. In this blog I am killing two birds with one stone. Sorry birds. But I am doing a Blogmass. Everyday I will be doing a blog post. Now it isn’t all going to be about Christmas, but I promise there will be someContinue reading “#Blogmas day 2 – Hot November Favs”

#Blogmas Day 1 – Last Chance December (biggest Challenge to date)

It is the first of December so there is only 31 days left to finish what you started or start what you said that you were going to start. Well actually it is less than 31 days if you are celebrating and taking time out this Christmas season. However, it is time to get backContinue reading “#Blogmas Day 1 – Last Chance December (biggest Challenge to date)”