All about the revolution pro Foundation and new orange corrector

There is no stopping Makeup Rev. I have so many products from them I’m allowed to call them that. Their latest products took a step up from their regular range and they went and got all pro on us. From foundation to lipsticks to nail varnishes and colour correctors. If you already use Makeup RevolutionContinue reading “All about the revolution pro Foundation and new orange corrector”

My first beauty box Beauty Cocoon

Now we have all seen them, they are everywhere. There are at least a few new subscriptions released every single month. If you are not careful you can become addicted. Yes I am talking about Subscription boxes. There are so many out there. Beauty, skincare, inspiration, boxes for men you name it. Well in MarchContinue reading “My first beauty box Beauty Cocoon”

The make up revolution foundation sticks

I was so excited when Makeup Revolution brought out these sticks. These gorgeous, pretty packaged delights are a great addition to any makeup revolution fan. They come in 25 fantastic shades and I have 3 of them. F12 for my highlight contour F13 for my shade and F14 for my darker contour. These sticks retailContinue reading “The make up revolution foundation sticks”

Clean and Clear an old time fav

Clean and Clear have been going for as long as I can remember. A popular brand of skin care by the teenage group and known for helping with acne and spots. I have always used clean and clear as part of my skincare routine and never really stopped. But since I started blogging and vloggingContinue reading “Clean and Clear an old time fav”

Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

I am so in LOVE with this product. At an affordable price of £4.00 how could I not try it. You all may have seen heard or even know about this product, but for those of you who are in two minds read on. This product was launched a few months ago and the  bloggingContinue reading “Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define”

Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous transformer

Hi everyone, I am going to review these two hair products, The Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and the conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner has argan and camellia oils. It is for dry, dull hair and contains no parabens and  nourishes and leaves a glowing shine. This is the first time that I have used GarnierContinue reading “Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous transformer”