Hot Picks April Addition

I think I did something similar in one of my earlier blog posts. I know I do my monthly favs when it comes to beauty I did one where I threw in a couple of other things. Anyway I am going to start this here. Monthly hot pics. In this category it will be things that have got my attention for that particular month. Each category can and will change pending on what I am using or doing during that month. So let me kick this off with ….


My favs when it comes to boxsets is My name is Earl. I loved this show when it came on way back when but I only got halfway through the second season. I am currently on season 4 which is the last season. My name is Earl is a comedy about a man named Earl Hickey who won $100000 on the lottery but before he got to collect the money bad things started to happen to him. After watching the Daley show talking about Karma, it came to him that was the reason bad things happen to him when something good happen. So he made a list of people that he had wronged in the past and set out to make it right, by contacting each person and owning up to the things he did. Just like life, as time went on there was always someone he had to add to the list. But comedy style nothing comes without its hiccups. This comedy has very mild sex and language. It’s one of those comedies that are light and fun and after a stressful day or week you kick of your shows pour a glass of wine pop open the bag of skinny popcorn and enjoy.

There are also interesting characters that at some point help him on his journey and one most importantly his brother Randy Hickey. His ex-wife joy and husband Darnell, who are all funny in their own right.

If you haven’t seen it, the next time you looking for a boxset to watch consider watching My name is Earl.


Next is a tipple that I enjoy. One because it is one of my favourite drinks and that the price is amazing. I know that not everyone likes this type of drink but I love it. One of my favourite drink is the alcoholic ginger beer. I know what you are thinking Crabbies. Although I do love crabbies and when bought in shops is not expensive I’m actually referring to a brand that you can buy in Lidl’s. It is called, Hatherwood The Ginger Grizzley and you can pick one up for a mere £1.25.


This beer like most beers is best served cold and being a lover of lime a freshly squeezed slice or two will finish it off nicely.


My favourite technique is how I apply my foundation. I wet my foundation brush with a fixing spray then apply a small amount of my foundation and in circular motions blend the product. If need be I will apply a little more foundation and continue to blend until I have the desired look. This gives me a softer and more airbrushed finish.

foundation technique


Facial wash of the month is the Garnier skinactive gel wash. I did a full review here. This wash is so smooth and relaxing. After a hard days work and your face has taken a beating with makeup pollution etc, this gel formula I found  it quite relaxing. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth and perfect preparation for my night cream.

garnier 3


My song on repeat has to be’ This is me’ sung by the bearded lady or by her real name Kaeala Settle. From the film ‘The Greatest Showman’. This song is everything. It speaks to my heart and soul. If you have not heard it I urge you to go and listen. Click here. Most definitely rent out the film. Yes it is a Musical and a brilliant one at that.

So there you have it my April Hot Picks.


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