All about the revolution pro Foundation and new orange corrector

pro full coverage and orange correctorThere is no stopping Makeup Rev. I have so many products from them I’m allowed to call them that. Their latest products took a step up from their regular range and they went and got all pro on us. From foundation to lipsticks to nail varnishes and colour correctors. If you already use Makeup Revolution then you know that they always have something new, which seems like every month.

Now by the name, it suggests these products are for those who are looking to go Pro or maybe perhaps who are already Pro’s. To be honest these products can be used by anyone at any level so don’t get put off by the name.


So if they brought out this pro range it must be pro prices right? Actually they are slightly more but not that much more so still very affordable. The Pro Foundation retails at £7.00 Corrector £4.00.

pro full coverage and orange corrector 4

This Pro foundation I bought was the F13. I figured that was my colour because that was the colour I bought in their foundation sticks and their conceal and define products. Colour match is not that great as it has more of a red undertone pretty much the same as their new foundation sticks so that was disappointing, like their sticks I will use it in the summer where my skin gets darker and takes on a more red undertone.

It comes in a 50ml tube and has a medium thickness consistency. This foundation goes on dewy and dries semi matte. A little goes a long way and pending how often you wear makeup, it could last a couple of months.

pro full coverage and orange corrector 5

Next is their orange corrector. I was stumped by this product. I was not expecting a bingo stamp. Lol. Yeah I said it. The product is inside of the cover. I can not tell how much product you get only time can tell. I love the creative design of this bingo stamp but I am not too crazed about the application. It goes on fine in terms of the amount of product that comes out, however if you are looking to apply it in a particular spot it’s going to be a challenge. My best bet is to dab closest to where you want then use either your finger or a small sponge to blend. Alternatively put the product on the back of your hand then apply. Either way this corrector has good coverage and it works well with my foundation.

Have you tried these products? If so leave a comment down below.


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