The make up revolution foundation sticks

makeup rev foundation sticksI was so excited when Makeup Revolution brought out these sticks. These gorgeous, pretty packaged delights are a great addition to any makeup revolution fan. They come in 25 fantastic shades and I have 3 of them. F12 for my highlight contour F13 for my shade and F14 for my darker contour.

These sticks retail for a very affordable £5 each and at that price you can afford to choose more than one contour colour. For now I am sticking with the two I got.

makeup rev foundation sticks 1

I find these sticks quite dewy and leaves my face looking quite oiled, but that can easily be fixed with a translucent powder.

Now for the colours itself. I find that my shade and the darker shade has an orange/red undertone which unfortunately doesn’t match my skin tone which is more of a yellow undertone. But as the summer is here and the sun is out, it matches my complexion better. As the darker I get the redder my undertones become.

makeup rev foundation sticks 2


Overall, I am pleased with these products but would probably just use the darker sticks for contour and my shade for the summer months.

Have you tried these fab foundation sticks? If so what are your thoughts?



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