My go to summer scents. So Body Mist.

so groupAs you can see there are a lot of body mists and perfume here and there is still more to come. As far as I can remember So body Mists have been one of my fav body mists to date. Not just because of the lovely scents that they hold but also their affordability. These scents are affordable to almost everyone, including teens and people on a budget. Being a teen myself when I discovered these scents I was always impressed by their packaging, price and although small their variety. Fast Forward many, many years later and they are still going strong. The assortment of fragrances and mists are to live for. There is a scent for almost everyone.

Over the years they have grown in size, changed packaging and the price has still remained low. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Because being a blogger kinda need affordable products to test and review.

so fragrance

This picture is about 2 months old. I have added to it since then.

These are just some of my collection, in total I have 24 and there is still more to get. Before you get out your calculator and start adding up the costs all of them apart from one or two I paid half price or as good as half price. Either from Boots or Superdrug.

These body mists are great for carrying around in your handbag. If you have an impromptu date with a friend and you do not have time to go home. Whip out your mist and off you go. The price ranges from £3.99 up to £10.49 for their perfumes. Measuring 50ml on their perfumes from 100mls to 200ml on their body mists.

They also have gift sets perfect for any fan of this brand or a young woman who is just starting out on their body mist and perfume journey.

To see their collections checkout their website here.

so body mists 2

These are my latest buys. The are the So…? Unique range  I bought these from Boots, I am not sure if they are exclusive to them. I saw only three and just discovered when writing this blog that they have three more. Be sure I be getting those. So…? there are 6 in total and they come in 150ml bottle. (They look just like the victoria secrets body scents).  I love every one of these. I did a quick spray and review on my shopping haul. Click here. These were £5.99 I paid £2.99.


Up next is the So…? range they have 13 in total I think. These are priced at £3.99 there is so much to choose from you are bound to finde 3/4/5 that you like. Two of my latest buys in  this picture are the Pina Colda and the marshmallow, both delightful scents. They come in the 100ml bottle.

so beach

These fragrances I bought as a Christmas gift for myself. To see video click here. This fab range retails for £5.99 I have three of them and have three more to get in this range.

so permists

This next lot was also part of my Christmas treats. However I thought I was buying the perfume. I did not know they did the body mists as well. I was not happy. I was really disappointed with my faux par. The scents themselves are still gorgeous and I’m yet to purchase the actual perfumes. These retail at £4.99 and come in a 100ml bottle. I have just spotted another in this range that I did not know. Next time.

so perfume so

My perfume collection for So…? is micro, especially with my faux par at Christmas. These two scents were also part of my Christmas lists. The fragrances I bought were So Sinful and So Exclusive. Both exquisite both up there when it comes to perfume.

Are you a So fan. Let me know in the comments below.


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