Night time cleansing

night time routineNight time skincare can be as simple or as intricate as you want it to be. There are no hard or fast rules as to how you should do your nighttime routine. There are several factors when I consider before I set off on this task. How tired I am, what kind of day I had and how relaxed and stress free I am.


In reality I would love to do my night-time routine in such a way that it is all glam like in the magazines. But sometimes that is just not the case. For a start there are two things that can only make this happen. 1. is a tidy and inviting bathroom, the other is a tidy and inviting bedroom, followed by glamourous bed-clothes (well maybe not the last one) which more often than not my two rooms are uninviting. There are times when I am so tired I just want to flop into bed. I have done this on some occasions, so when i am feeling really tired or I have left my routine way too late in the night/hours  of the morning, this is where the quick wash and go comes in.

night time garnierMost times I use my Garnier Skin Active Micellar cleansing gel wash. This product is so kind to my skin, leaving it feeling cleansed, soft and subtle. I apply one pump into the palm of my hands, give it a quick rub the apply it to my wet face. If I wore makeup or I have been out all day I would use either a manual or electric brush so I can really get the sunk in dirt out.

night time routine pump

night time radiant

I am a big fan of Superdrug’s own Radiant range, they have such a variety to choose from. This cleanser is a foam one. I use one, sometimes two pumps on a konjac sponge or  my hands. This Cleanser is refreshing and leaves your face feeling clean without the drying affect. This is also great to use every night. I sometimes follow-up with the Radiant night moisturiser.

night time b cleanser

This cleanser is also by Superdrug and  is from more of their expensive ranges, but not high end expensive. This exfoliating cleanser is one of my favs to date. Watch my review here. This Cleanser is the one, it leaves your face feeling exfoliated without the harshness like other exfoliating cleansers. The end result is amazing, it leaves my skin feeling like silk and is so smooth I can not stop touching my face everytime I use it. However I tend to use this product mainly in the morning and once in a while at night. When I use this product I tend to go all out followed by their Hyaluronic Acid and either their overnight mask or Night cream.

Do you have a night time routine. If not you should, it helps keep your skin clean and moisturised throughout the night.



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