Clean and Clear an old time fav

Clean and clear 3Clean and Clear have been going for as long as I can remember. A popular brand of skin care by the teenage group and known for helping with acne and spots. I have always used clean and clear as part of my skincare routine and never really stopped. But since I started blogging and vlogging and decided to step outside my comfort zone by trying other products I had to put aside one of my fav skincare ranges to focus on other brands and skincare that was aimed more towards the more mature market. However upon browsing the shelves in Poundland, I happened upon a clean and clear product I have never seen before and without hesitation put it in my basket.

Clean and clear

The product I bought was the Clean and Clear advantage clear & Soothe foaming wash . It is tough on spots, gentle on skin with natural aloe vera. It is also oil free.

I use one pump sometimes two pending if I wore makeup before or how generally how dirty my face feels. If my face is quite dirty or I wore makeup I would like to use my electric or a manual face brush. Using these apparatus helps give my face a deep clean. If I have been in the house all day and haven’t ventured outside for hours on end then I would use my hands.

Clean and clear 2

I like to  wake up the product by rubbing it in my hands before applying it onto my face. For at least 2 minutes I would go in circular motions using my fingertips, this way I take full advantage of the 2 minutes and give my face a good massage.

I then rinse with warm water and pat dry. Followed by my skincare regime.

I was pleasantly surprised by this product. My face felt smooth afterwards, there was no drying to my face and I think that is due to the Aloe Vera. I use this product day or night. It is gentle to my skin and is a product that I can use day and night.

If you see this product give it a try.


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