Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

I am so in LOVE with this product. At an affordable price of £4.00 how could I not try it. You all may have seen heard or even know about this product, but for those of you who are in two minds read on.

mur conceal

This product was launched a few months ago and the  blogging and vlogging world went in. I must have bought this product a few weeks maybe two after it was launched I can not remember. Anyway what I love about this product is the fact that they have 18 colours and colours for black women are not too bad, they can do a few more in between colours but it will do. The consistency is nice and thick and so easy to blend. The colours that I have bought are C13 and a contour colour C14. I want to get C15 and C12 or C11 for contour also.

The application is easy to use  and I have no problems using it.

PROS: I can use it as a foundation and apply it all over my face.

CONS: There is only so much in a bottle so before long I would run out.

It comes in a nice clear glass bottle with a rose gold top and packaging. If you haven’t tried it, I suggest to give it a go. It lasts quite long and blending the concealer shade into my foundation is quite easy and leaves a smooth and well blended finish.  This is a definite re-buy from me, especially if budget is low.

Since I wrote this post they have new shades in-between. Lol. Wow.


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5 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Conceal and Define

  1. I recently tried this product too and wrote a review on my blog – it’s just so good isn’t it!

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