Skincare Why care?


Hi everyone hope you are well. Spring should be arriving soon. This post is about why you should care about skincare. The truth is you don’t need to care about skincare. But when further down the line you do not like the way your skin is looking or feeling, then you would know why you should care.

Skincare can take on a number of factors. You can either keep your routine simple, use natural products or over the counter products. If you want you can mix it up. This post is about over the counter products that I have used. I have always taken care of my skin to some degree, but I did not consciously do it. What that means is, that I had a very small routine which consisted of washing my face three times using three different face wash products and then my Ole faithful. Oil of Olay face cream and that was it.

B range

Since venturing in the world of vlogging and blogging I have taken my skincare more seriously. I enjoy looking at different products trying them out and telling anyone who likes to read or watch me and my views.

This first product is B which can be found exclusively at Superdrug. The price ranges are different from product to product.  Anything from £1.99 to £15.00 They have such a wide range of skincare. Face cleansers, eye creams, night masks, contour creams and  serums.  I was actually surprised at the results in this range and would definitely recommend using it. If you have a little more money in your pocket and you want to try something new, I suggest these products. What I like about these products is that they have phases that are for different age groups, so you can pick up products that can be suited for you.

If you check one of my Skincare Sunday video’s I used nothing but this range and my skin felt like silk afterwards. You can check this video out here. #skincaresunday

naturally radiant

This range is the Naturally Radiant range and is Superdrug’s own brand. I fell in love with these products. They have a wonderful range and everything I used, I love. There is more to this range, these are the items that I have and wanted to get at the time. One of my favs is the micro polish. This leaves my face clean and smooth, without too much drying. The price range in this range is £5.99. The majority of the products are this price. However I tend to get these when Superdrug have their buy one get one free offers. If you are looking to start out on skincare I would recommend this product if you want something not too cheap or too expensive. These products are easy on the purse and I enjoy using them.

calm collection

The Calm Skin collection which is also Superdrug’s very own, is the most calming and most peaceful feeling skincare I have used to date. There is something about the scent that they use, that really relaxes me and puts a smile on my face. The smell is quite nostalgic, it reminds me of the past but can not quite put my finger on it. They have a small collection but it covers a lot of the skincare that is needed. Overnight face mask, cleanser, serum, spritz, face oil and blemish gel. I haven’t seen a night cream or  night serum. I have all of the range  and each product is a very affordable £2.99 each. A great price and range if you are just getting started.

vitamin E range

This is another range by Superdrug. This is their Vitamin E skincare collection. The majority of their products are £2.99. The body section of this range is around £3.99 upwards. I am not really a fan of the body stuff. My legs are really dry and I found that the products do not work so good for me. I would recommend using the body products if you do not have such dry skin.

I do love the facial products. It comes with a pleasant smell. To be fair I do not have problematic skin so my skin agrees with the products. My favourite is the serum and the overnight mask. This has a vast collection, oatmeal facial scrub, day and night creams as well as an intense day cream. Hydrating mists duo oil. The list goes on. Again this is a fab range to start out with when you are looking for a skincare to try.



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7 thoughts on “Skincare Why care?

  1. The Calm Skin Collection looks perfect for me because my sensitive skin means there is a small range of products I can actually use. Great post! I’d really appreciate it if you could check out my blog xoxo

  2. Thanks for this! I have a very basic skin care routine and am looking to improve it! Do you find that reasonably priced over the counter ranges are as good as expensive brands? Or do you really get what you pay for?

    1. HI Paused for thought. I have never tried high end products. The most expensive I have bought would be the B beauty products. These products I have listed work great on my skin. Even the cheaper ones. I do love the Naturally radiant range and the Calm skin Serum is a delight. It is all trial and error what works for one may not work for another. But as they are affordable I would definaetly reccomend trying them out.

    1. Yes they have quite a few ranges Vitamin E, Calm Skin, Naturally Radiant. I’ve just bought a shampoo and conditioner and some moisturiser stuff.

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