Garnier Ultimate Blends- The marvellous transformer

Hi everyone, I am going to review these two hair products, The Garnier Ultimate Blends Shampoo and the conditioner. This shampoo and conditioner has argan and camellia oils. It is for dry, dull hair and contains no parabens and  nourishes and leaves a glowing shine. This is the first time that I have used Garnier hair products.  I did not think that my hair would benefit from it. So why did I pick it up? Well I was in Poundland and I saw them in there for £2.00 each and I loved the ingredients that they had in there and the orange packaging drew me closer to it.

I never really believed that these products were made or suited for Africa/Caribbean hair. I mean all the hair advertisements never showed people with my textured hair. So there was no reason to believe it would do any good. Technology in hair care and has come  long way and still most products were not catered. However I decided to give this a shot. A full video will be released soon, so make sure you are subscribed here.

I like to dry shampoo my hair as it detangles and softens my hair a lot easier. I would part my hair in sections and apply a generous amount of product and then massage it into my scalp and coat my hair form roots to tips.

This product also contains castor oil and  spinosa oil. After I applied the shampoo my hair felt really soft and tangled free. It has a really nice smell and my hair was left feeling moisturised.

garnier shampoo and conditioner

Now for the conditioner. The conditioner is just as good as the shampoo. I applied it to my hair in sections and worked it through root to tip and I finger combed my hair. I left it under a plastic hat for 30 minutes then I rinsed it out.

I blotted out the water and my hair was so soft. It was not tangled and it did not leave my hair feeling hard or dry. My hair remained soft and moisturised. This product worked wonders on my hair.  Soft moisturised, and with a delightful smell. Will I use it again? Most definitely.


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