B Range Product Review

b review groupHELLO EVERYONE!!!! I have been trying to write for ages and I just not managed to fit it in. I shot 6 video’s three days ago and I have managed to edit all of them so that it is progress. However I am going to write a review on these B. range skincare products that I bought from Superdrug. These products are apart of my 56 Christmas treat. You can watch the 56 items I bought myself here.

I have been eyeing up this range for quite a while now and I made a decision that in 2018 I want to start reviewing products that are in a higher price range. If you follow me on Youtube and Instagram you know I love a bargain and I love sourcing out products that work on a lower price scale. Now it is time for me to take it up a notch and see if there is hype in products that cost that little bit more.


I first product I want to talk about is the B. Refined Exfoliating Cleanser. This cleanser gently polishes the skin surface to reveal a smooth , bright complexion. Now using this for the first time I wanted to use this product without using my battery operated facial brush or my Konjac sponge. I wanted to feel the product without any influence or interruption of an outside source.

I used this product on a wet face. On first contact you can feel the granules that are used to exfoliate straight away. It’s thick creamy texture works well with the granules and they compliment each other nicely. I gently massaged my face and when I felt the product drying I added more water. The granules are not intrusive and do not hurt or scratch the surface of your skin. After I had rinsed off  the cleanser it left my face feeling really smooth and quite soft. It was slightly drying but not to the point where my face felt dehydrated. This is a lovely product that I will definitely use again. RRP £5.49


clayNext is the B. Detoxed Clay face mask. This clay is designed to liven up dull skin. It also helps to minimise the appearance of blemishes and pore size within four weeks. After I washed my face with the cleanser. I patted it dry and used the mask. I put a generous amount to ensure my skin was covered.  However I was still left with some in the pod. It didn’t take long to dry and I cleaned my face with a flannel and warm water. This product like most clays left my face feeling a little dry but I was expecting that from this kind of mask, so it didn’t bother me. That being said my face felt smooth and cleansed so a definite thumbs up for me. ( Apologises could not get a price on these. )

serumNext is the B. Radiant Rejuvenating serum Phase 2 this Serum blew me away. I love my lower end serums but this one right here, was exceptional. I used this after using the Cleanser and Clay written above. I found that this serum absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and felt I needed to add more. I don’t know if I actually needed any more, but I am so used to  feeling the creams and serums on my face I thought that I needed to feel the product. However, this product absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and left my skin feeling like silk. I have never had this feeling on my face before after using a product. I have had my face feeling soft and smooth but never like feeling like silk. It also left a gold shimmer to my face. When I caught my face in the sunlight you can see these tiny flexs of gold particles on my face it looked like I had a shimmer or glisten which looked pretty cool, you couldn’t pick this up on camera however. Maybe if I changed to my 55 -200 lens it might have done.  Either way this product left me feeling impressed. This product is a definite yes and I will be having this on my dressing table for years to come.  RRP £12.99

To see these products in action click here.  Subscribe and keep up with my latest videos. Individual reviews are coming soon. Or if you are reading this after the fact, the reviews are on my channel.

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