I am so late -Sorry

IMG_20160930_073111Hi everyone and welcome to 2018 A new year to make even more mistakes and failures. Only kidding. Yes we are here imagine 2018 just typing it, is like wow. So have you made new year resolutions? I know I didn’t, I haven’t made any for years. I tend to set goals that I know I need to get on with and end up only doing a few of those. If I am honest with you I do not know what type of goals I’m going to complete this year. All I know that I need to be better than I have done for the past 10 years otherwise it will be a bust for me. I told myself that if I do not see any moves by myself by the end of the month. I might as well just write off the rest of the year. Yes I know that there is always tomorrow but when you know yourself you know that pushing deadlines back further and futher only leads to a result that you know that you are not going to  want to see.

I am so sick and tired of having ideas only to execute some of them and then only half way because all my hard work is just not paying off. Frustration is not the word. I’m not saying I need to see numbers in the thousands but sometimes it just drives me nuts. This is because it tends to be in every aspect of my being. Failure everywhere. That being said, I know I need to see the accomplishments that I have achieved over the years and to not be so hard on myself. (But I can not help it). One minute I’m proud of myself and one minute I am disgusted with myself for lack of results and too much feeling sorry for myself. This year I know I am going to go militant. I have some number goals that I want to reach like some people. Yes I know you have to love what you do and I do, but I’m just getting a little tired of the lack of results so, this year is the year of pushing and belief and knowing that I am going to get what I put out and what I want.

No more moping and whining. This includes my fricking weight. Before November I weighed 13 stone 6lbs now I weigh 13.12lbs. I was so shook I didn’t even know I had put on 6lbs I was still in the belief I was weighing 13 stone 6lbs. That was the line for me for sure. This only happened two days ago and I am going to start a series of How I lost 5 stones in 2018, in my head I thought I was starting at 13.6 it really threw me back , but I  actually surprised  myself cause I thought that I would just throw in the towel then and there but I didn’t so I’m proud of that,.

Anyway my beautiful readers I will be signing off now. If you want to see my weight loss series make sure you are subscribed to my channel. Here.

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