#Blogmas day 16 – The Man Gift

gift for men

Sometimes finding mens gifts can be a challenge, they always seem limited. If your man or the man you are going to buy for is fussy or  doesn’t like much stuff, it can prove to be even more difficult. The gift can either be too gimmicky or too obvious. But sometimes, you just have to stick with the obvious and gimmicky. One rule I try to follow is if they need it get it. Unless it’s something like a car or a luxury holiday lol.

1 . What I have noticed, is that mens products have been stepping up these past years. First it started out with products aimed at men, now they have products AIMED AT MEN. From the packaging, to the ingredients. There are now companies that only sell products for men. One of my products that I picked up is from a company aimed at men. Now I have never heard of them before and found it by accident, whilst I was put shopping looking for gift ideas for a video colab I was doing.

gift for menBulldog has a wide selection of products, it’s clever and simple packaging is also great for men who don’t like making much of a fuss. This product has natural ingredients and has quite a range of skincare and products for shaving.  This lovely gift set comes in a toiletry bag and  retails at £15.00 but Tesco had a really good offer. £5.00 I think.


gifts for men 22 . Sticking to skincare and also on a special offer was this Bayliss and Harding Black pepper and ginsing Mens gift set. What I like about it was the black pepper and ginsing ingedients. The packaging was perfect so I picked it up.


3 . Next is a wallet. Get them two. On for everyday and one for going out. Maybe get a wallet and stick in a gift card of their favourite shop.

4 . Haircare, is a good one, just like skincare products men want to take care of their hair too. Cantu for men, who sells hair care for women originally have come out with a range for men.


5 . Maybe you can do a selction of things. Purchase a duffle bag and put some hair and skincare products. Or and Maybe a going out kit, like special boxers, A tie, a wallet and a bottle or one of those small collection bottles of aftershave.

What ever you decide, don’t forget to get creative. How you present it is just as exciting as the present itself.




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