#Blogmas 17- Christmas Pamper Box

my christmas pamper boxNow as adults unless we are involved in a secret santa our Christmas prezzies can be limited as most times it is aimed at the children. So I like to go and get a little something for my friends, whether it is something that they can relate to, like a book of their hobbies or maybe a perfume if they are an avid collector. On this occasion I decided to do a pamper box. Something that is a lot more personal and catered towards them. One of the good things is to do something that allows them to focus on themselves and make them feel special. So here is what I chose. Now depending on your budget you can go high,  low or mid end or you can mix it up. As I was doing this for a few friends the budget had to be lower. That being said I did go over board.  Here is what I  bought.

my christmas pamper box 1

A pamper box won’t be a pamper box without a few skincare products. Here I opted for a Cucumber cooling face mask, a refreshing hydrogel  eye patches both bought from Superdrug. Honey and Almond foot mask, Garnier face and body cream Garnier skincare Micellar water and a lip balm which came in a pack of three from Poundland.

my christmas pamper box 3

I couldn’t resist popping in a beauty sponge and a makeup brush cleaner.  Thus turning this into a pamper and beauty box lol. At a pound each I couldn’t resist.

my christmas pamper box 4

Could not let the box go empty without a bathbomb, the cupcake kind and a scented candle. Both from Poundland. I haven’t used the bathbomb but I have lit the Airwick scented candle but the sweet pea scented one and it is so divine.

my christmas pamper box 2

Everyone likes a little scent. I also picked these up from Poundland. I am so in love with So fragrances and body mists. Usually they have different scents but this is the only one that they had. The smell is so nice. It is only a small bottle and it is a great size for your hand bag. When I saw the Impulse, I thought why not. I haven’t smelled it, but I know it gone smell good.

my christmas pamper box 5

Lastly I opted for these goodies.  Now the Highlights is for a couple of friends that are watching the weight and the chocolate is for a friend who doesn’t have to. Lol. These are perfect to add to this Christmas box.

In total I spent £14 including the box.  I was only planning to spend £10 the impulse, and makeup accessories were last-minute.

So I hope this has given you a few ideas on what to put inside your pamper gift box.



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