#Blogmas day 15 Getting Ahead at Christmas

christmas shoppingI didn’t really plan it, it kind of just happen. I had a list but I hadn’t planned to start shopping  for Christmas just yet , but whilst out and about I thought  I  might as well. I am sure glad I did. I feel so much better now that I started.

Sometimes that is what you have to do. Just because you planned ahead, doesn’t mean you can’t bring it forward. If you read my  #vlogmas day 13- Making a list checking it twice blog, you know that my life was getting a little hectic and stressful so it was time to do that list. With only two more Saturday’s left till Christmas I do not want to get caught up in the Christmas rush. I want to spend it relaxing eating and watching movies.

So to help lighten the load for Christmas, here is what I bought.

Stuff for my desserts. My traditional Dishes Apple Crumble and Triffle with a swamp of alcohol. Lol. These two desserts are my favs at Christmas. My mum started this tradition and I have carried it on.  My son was excited that I was making Triffle.

Christmas shopping 1

For the salads I can not do without my dressings. And for the homemade coleslaw and potato salad, Mayo. I still  need to buy salad cream, as I like to mix the two together.

I usually get bigger bags but they did not have any, which was a good job as I would not have been able to carry it. It has been a while since I’ve cooked long grain, so I thought I’ll buy a bag.

Christmas shopping 2

So in my blog about snacks for guests etc, I mentioned one of my favs and that is cocktail sticks. Cherries, hot dog, cheese, pickled onions and Pineapple. You put three of any combination on a stick and stick it in an orange .  They are delicious. Hopefully I can get some more bits in.

Christmas shopping 4

So that is it so far, ticking one box at a time. How are you getting on with your Christmas to do list? That being said I still need to put the tree up.


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