#Blogmas day 12 – Quick food & drink guide to last minute entertaining

So you have some guests coming around for a Christmas drink. Its unplanned and you have nothing in. The panick starts and you are thinking of cancelling. Well don’t. It’s nice being the spontaneous and living for the moment type of person until it actually challenges you. Well don’t worry there is a quick fix. If people are coming round for drinks, encourage them to bring a bottle, that will ensure you will have enough drinks. For those who might want to start of with a hot drink make sure you got those in.

The best thing for you to do is to stock up before this happens. You know your friends so you know what they like to drink. So if it is spirits, beers or and wines, get a bottle of two of each and of course a pack of beer/cider etc.

Always keep emergency cash in an envelope or something. You know that these moments can always come when the cash flow is low, so don’t get caught out. Now that’s the drinks out of the way, now for the nibbles.

breadbuncroissantraisin-bread1. One of my favs is dipping bread in a Balsamic Vinegar and olive oil, mixed with dried herbs. This is delicious. You can make it yourself and takes only a  minute. You can have an array of breads; French stick, naan, those tiny pita breads.  Or you can have the oil and herbs and vinegar in individual bowls. How about having some dip along with.

2. Nuts are always great to have. Why not make it special by putting nuts into individuals containers and placing them in a basket.

dish-1494235831hRM3. Something quick, get a few pizzas stick them in the oven and the cut them up into small finger sized foods. Maybe sprinkle some spinach leaves on top and have a dip on the side to make it more interesting.

4. Looking to have something else that is warm. How about chicken wings, you can get bbq, southern fried and salt and black pepper. With a sweet chili dip to compliment it, they will go down a treat.

5. If you want to get a bit more fancy how about slicing a baguette, base it with pesto and do a mixture of chopped tomatoes, spring onion, and chives, Sprinkled with rock salt.


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