#Blogmas day 11 – My Top 5 Christmas Treats

Ok, you know when it comes to Christmas treats the diet has gone completely out of the window. Eating healthy is just not an option. However you can always keep those pounds at bay with a lot of extra exercise. Anyway, just throwing that out there. Cause I know once I start on my treats there is no stopping until the Christmas buzz is over.  So here are my Top 5 treats.

1 . Martini Rosso and coke, Garnished with a fresh lime and cocktail cherry’s. Let me stress Cocktail cherries, not the glazier ones. (Yuck)

2. Cocktail sticks. The assortment of hot dog, cheese, cocktail cherry, pineapple and cocktail onions. I usually stack three garnishes at a time.

3. Nuts. I do love my assortment of nuts especially honey cashews from Marks and Spencers. Those Brazilian ones. So big and creamy delicious.

4. Well this is more of a dessert rather than a treat. But a crumble. My home-made apple crumble. I like to have mine with either yogurt or ice-cream. I like my crumble Torte. The tangier the better. ( Recipe coming soon)

5. A couple of glasses of Asti Martini or Beringer White Zinfadel. I do love my sparkling and sweet.

These are what I tend to have as my Christmas Drinks and eats.


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