#Blogmas day 9 – 3 Simple steps to making Christmas cards

craft 1So if you have been watching my Tube, you would notice that I am a big fan of all things crafty and also love to encourage others to get creative. Being creative stretches your imagination and you will be amazed what you can come up with. First of all don’t feel intimidated by what others can do.  Focus on your own creation.

Cards and gifts are always welcome, but hand-made cards and gifts have a special little meaning. So when you give a handmade card made from yourself, it shouts volumes. So I’m going to get you started.

I mainly do my craft shopping online, just because it is easier but there are a few places where you can get a few bits and bobs. However they are not always stuff that are in stock. One of my fav places is Poundland. They have a few crafty bits like a pack of envelope and cards for £1 and they come in white and brown. They sometimes stock washi tape and have a lovely selection of sparkly gems.  What I am going to make is a card made straight from backing paper and christmas tags and washi tape.

Why don’t I just use the backing paper on card? Well, the idea is to do something a little different and fun and quick.







1. Here is a pad that I used. There are 32 sheets, 200 gsm and measures 14.8 X 21cm. Tear a sheet of your choice and fold it in half.

craft 8

They also had this pad.

craft 9

2. Then with the washi tape apply it to the card to create a design.

3. Attach the Christmas tag to the card.

craft 3

There you have it, your very own handmade card.

If you want to take it further you can add a few more embellishments. So why don’t you take it a step further. Add some ribbon and some sticky back sparkles.

craft 2

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