#Blogmas day 10 – My Christmas Mocha Special

hot-chocolateIt has not snowed this early in December for an age. The past few years have been pretty mild in comparison to today. So this is the perfect time to nestle down in front of the TV with a large mug of Mocha. I have never really been a big fan of coffee unless there is chocolate with it. So when I tasted Mocha for the first time, how many eons ago I was hooked. The only time I had a mocha was when I bought  it from a coffee shop. Then one fine day  I decided to make a Mocha of my own. What can I say it was delicious.

Now let me just clarify, the quality of the coffee will determine how nice your mocha will turn out. I had some cheap tesco coffee which was ok, some gold range but compared to Gold Blend or any other high branded it didn’t stand a chance.

This is how I make my Christmas Mocha Special.

1 . First I add two scoops of hot chocolate. If I want it chocolatey I would add a 3rd. I use those yellow baby formula spoons as a measure.

2. I will then add a teaspoon of Coffee.

3. I will then add a sprinkle of mixed spice. Pending how strong I want it at the time I will sometimes have a little or sometimes have a lot.

4. Then will add a droplet of almond essence.  (you do not want it over powering)

5. I would then pour  Almond milk. I would pour about 1/8 of the size of the mug. Again if you like it milky you can pour more.

6. Give it a good whisk. You can purchase those really small whisks that is just right for the mug. I keep whisking untill all the ingredients are well mixed and you start to see froth forming at the top.

7. Pour the hot water.

Vola there you have it, your Christmas Mocha Special. On occasion I like to sprinkle extra mixed spice on top.

For another option. How about exchanging the regular chocolate to a flavoured one. My favourite is the options mint chocolate.



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