#Blogmas day 8 – 5 tips to Creating the Christmas Ambience

Now you have got yourself into the Christmas mood and if you haven’t, please read my tips on how to do so here. With all this Christmas mood, why not back it up with a bit of Christmas Ambience. It doesn’t have to be expensive or stressful, but it will certainly help keep up the Christmas Spirit, especially if you feel like the daily stresses of life is starting to kick in.  Coming home and taking ten minutes before you do anything will really help relax you. The best feeling of relaxation is when you are in the right setting.   Here are 5 tips to get the mood backed up.

1. Make sure that your house is tidy and clean. Take an hour or so to before you go to bed and maintain what you have already started. If your house is in complete disarray, then just work on one room at a time throughout the week. Or if you are really struggling, how about you wait till the week-end and start.

christmas-candle-1450178469Zju2. If you haven’t already, invest in some candles. They do not have to be live ones. Pound stretcher have some lovely led candles and they have a massive one for £9.99 with twine wrapped around the bottom of it. These can be placed on top of fireplaces  inside them or on the floor around it or all three. If you do not have a fireplace, how about putting these led candles around the tree, perhaps on top of a snow blanket. You can usually get snow blankets from Poundland.

christmas-tree-and-fireplace3. If you love a fragrant room, buy some mulled wine, or baking smelling wax melts. This really creates a warm and cosy ambience, for this time of the year. If the smell becomes too much, you can always have it on for an hour at a time.

4. If you are used to having bright lights in your living room, exchange them for duller bulbs. Or If you have a lamp put it on and have it in a place where it is not intrusive. With the lamp and the Christmas lights, this will create the perfect glow for your room.

christmas-decoration-1512410077YXq5. Have a centre piece on your dinner table. You can either create one or buy one. There are so many ideas on the interweb. From Garlands to baubles in bowls. The colours and designs are endless. If you have a coffee table a small centre piece of Christmas ornament would be perfect.


These are my tips for a more ambient Christmas.

Sometimes, the daily grind wears us down and we find it hard to enjoy a lot of things that we should be enjoying. There comes a time when you have to say enough is enough. Stand tall and make things happen. You can not make yourself be happy, but you can decided to be happy.

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