#Blogmas 7 – Winter skincare tips and glowing skin

vitamin e oilWhy is my skin dryer in the winter than in the summer? It’s funny because winter equates to cold and damp air and rain, so we assume that there should be a lot of moisture in the air so we should not need as much hydrating and moisturising but we do. When we are at home, the heating comes on and we are in our warmest clothes. Feet are covered in socks and slippers. Our legs will be covered by trousers or leggings and just for that extra coziness maybe a blanket.

Our skin is exposed to artificial heat which drys out our skin and with the added clothes, our skin does not get to breathe much either. That’s why it is important to help keep our skin hydrated and moisturised. Where there is cause, there is a reaction and when there is  a reaction we need action. Here is a few tips to help you keep theat winter glow, your skin soft and hydrated.

1. Find a cleanser that is moisturising. So if your usual cleanser is quite drying or absorbs a lot of oil, maybe think about switching it up. BodyShop has a Vitamin E  gentle facial wash. Retails for £7.50. The same goes for your body, Superdrug has a shower moisturiser,  which contains shea butter. This is great for putting on after you have showered. This retails at £2.99

tony moly

2 Do not forget about-face masks. If you find that your face is experiencing a lot of dryness, top it up with a hydrating mask.  One of my Favs is the Tony Moly I’m real range. They have a variety of masks, the avocado is my fav. They retail from anything from £2.99 to around £5.00 and it is worth every penny.

3. Scrubs are great for keeping that winter glow. I currently use Superdrug’s Vitamin E range. It is moisturising and leaves your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Don’t forget about your body. Your skin is constantly in hiding in warm clothes so it is important that you take care of it. Superdrug’s Spaa range  Bergamot & Cassis Salt and bath oil has a lovely scrub that is rich, thick and perfect for winter skin.

water-in-the-desert4 This time of year for most of us, the hot drinks increase and the cold drinks can decrease. The need to consistently stay warm, is the primary reason for this. It also makes us feel cosy.  Make sure you keep your body hydrated, especially if you are drinking a lot of tea which can be quite dehydrating.

5. Try adding a few drops of moisturising oil to your cream, especially if you already have dry skin. Using oils like Jojoba or avocado oil is great for this. You can also add it to your regular body lotion.

6. When taking off  makeup try swapping your usual wipes for a cleanser that is hydrating. The products that you can use.

7. Lastly your lips. Find a lip balm or butter that suits you. Carry it with you and whenever you remember put some on your lips.


Remember that it is important to look after your skin throughout the year. Do not be afraid to switch  your productas around. Experiment with different techincs like adding oil to your regular lotions.

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