#Blogmas day 5 -Quick Stress Free Christmas Gift Guide

christmas-tree-1507274311uoNIf you are like me, you leave everything to the last minute, like you are in some kind of last minute to sort your Christmas out competition or something. I get stuck to what to buy, how much I want to spend and I get anixous, frustrated and sometimes end up spending money that I don’t have and didn’t need to. So here is a quick guide to make things easier.

1 Get a cup of hot drink or wine if you prefer nestle in your fav spot with a pen and a note pad. It does’nt have to be fancy. One of those from Poundland will do. Then write down all the people you want to buy for including any secret Santa’s.

2 Somewhere on the page (pre at the top) Write down your budget. If you do not have a budget write down the max you want to spend. Then next to each name write down the amount you want to spend on each person.

3 Next to each name write down three things that you know the person likes. Whether it is books on a certain topic, clothes or simply vouchers.

4 Write down whether or not you are going to shop online or Brick and mortar .

When your list is complete decide when you are going to start shopping. If it is online you can do it as soon as you finish your list. Schedule a day or a period of days. If shopping is a drag, go with a friend make a day of it. Do lunch, the works. The most important thing is abandon the stress shopping brings. It is easier if you know what you are going to get. If you are still unsure, pick up the phone and ask someone who will know.

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