#Blogmas day 4 – 9 Tips to keep yourself from piling on the pounds this Christmas

Some of us start as early as the 1st of December and others start a little later. We some how find the extra money and the extra room in our waist line to add more and more. The constant nibles are result of constantly convincing ourselves, that it is ok beacuse it is the holiday season to eat, drink and be merry. Well what other reason and season to do so. That is quickly followed up with regret. January 3rd, 4th 5th kicks in and so does the extra inches and nothing in the wardrobe fits and queue in the depression of it all.


Lets be honest, there is no such thing as having your cake and eat it in this scenrio. Now I know there are loads of blogs and magazines out there giving you tips but quite a lot of them are not what you want to read. We all want some magical answer that we know does not exist. So I’m alos going to give you non magical answers, but here are some tips that can help you or at least prevent yourself from gaining weight.


1 First be honest with yourself. If you know you are going to binge then just be true. If you try and convince that you are going to be good you might end up doing more damage than good. So if you crave something crave it and eat it. HOWEVER!!!!! Instead of taking more than you know you should have taken at least a quarter of the amount and if the craving is too much take no more than half. Enjoy it and tell yourself you are satisfied. (Even if you feel as though you are not) Remember your goal is to keep your weight the same by the end of the holidays. EXERCISE!


young-couple-workout-14873528564K32 Secondly WORKOUT. I dare to say it. Workout!!!. Whether you are jogging on the spot for fifteen minutes doing a 20 minute workout from YouTube. Make sure you do those extra workouts. You might think whats the point of doing something for 15 minutes., well 15 minutes of something, is better than 15 mins of nothing. EXERCISE!

3 You don’t have to say yes to every drink or food offered. Set a goal to turning away either certain foods and drinks or be modest in the amount you accept. Become satisfied with the decision that you make. It will taste good for now but you will end up regretting it come November 1st. EXERCISE!


4 Set goals to when you are going to go off the rails. Maybe only eat at Do’s. If there isn’t Do’s then limit yourself at home. You don’t have to have that mince-pie, extra sweets and chocolate every single day and throughout the day. EXERCISE!

5 If you really can not do the above here is another way. Make sure that your breakfast and lunch are really healthy and low-calorie choices. EXERCISE!

6 Sometimes our brain goes into overdrive. It takes over everything. It sees more and tells itself to take more. So here is a trick take a smaller plate  and fill it up. Not Mountain fill just ground fill, then when you can not resist,  have another small plate. EXERCISE!

7 WEAR A BODY SHAPER OR ONE OF THOSE BELTS. Something that holds your stomach in.  This will make your stomach smaller, so in theory you should become fuller quicker. Whatever you do, do not take it off. EXERCISE!

8 I know it is tempting, but don’t stock pile. Remember that magical appearance of money that I talked about earlier. Yes well it appears or seem to appear when you are out shopping. By all means get those extra treats but don’t go overboard. You will eventually find that the guilt will kick in or you are tired of all the crap you are eating. But hey because it is there you will keep on eating. So just be careful. EXERCISE!


MINDSET9. Mindset. Without the right mindset you have failed before you have even begun. Like all things in life you will get better results and most likely to succeed if you prepare yourself mentally. It’s never too late to start it. Even if you have prepared yourself early. Set your mind to not eating it all in a short period of time.

That is it, my tips for over the Christmas period. I hope this helps. Remember people don’t do something today that you may regret tomorrow.

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