#Blogmas Day 3 – 10 Ideas to get you into the Christmas mood.

There are times when we are just not in the mood. That is fine at anytime of the year. But when it comes to Christmas, to feel not in the mood can make you feel as though you are being a miserable grouch. When people talk of spending time with their loved ones, or jetting off somewhere hot and exotic for the holiday’s there you are looking and feeling miserable. Apart from your birthday this is the time when you do not want to feel like this. Apart from feeling left out whilst everyone is in high spirits. When your mood does eventually lift, you end up only having two days for shopping and to get everything in order.

Now no one can tell you why you feel that way, and you are the only one that can make it right. Don’t waste another day because you will only regret it. Make this day be the day you are in the Christmas mood. Here are 10 things that you can do.

1. If your house is in disarray, then get to it and start cleaning. A clean home is a happy home. Yes house chores can be boring, but think about it once it is done, you will feel a lot better for it. To help you along listen to some music, Christmas related or just your favorite tunes.

2. When finished go onto Pintrest or the internet and look at images on ways to decorate your home with Christmas cheer. There is so many ideas, that are fun.  YouTube is also a great place to look for ideas. Looking at pictures can inspire you to do something similar. Creating a board on Pintrest, is a great way to have something to refer back to.

3. Get into making Christmas trinkets for your home. I.E center pieces for your table, trimmings to put on your fireplace if you have one. And maybe something for your bedroom. Battery operated lights are a great way to have a festive looking bedroom. Put them above your bed or around your dressing table if you have one.

4. Take time out and watch a Christmas movie. Snuggle on the sofa with a blanket and a hot drink. This is a great way to end the evening, especially if you have had a long day.

5. Start buying stuff for Christmas. Around this time of year, we sometimes tend to splurge that little bit more. Extra peanuts and savory snacks, a pack of snowballs, mince pies, lol. Whatever, reminds you of Christmas, go and get it.

6. Do something charitable for example a Christmas box for a child somewhere across the world. Volunteer a few hours of your time. Giving back will always make you feel good. Do a basket and give it to a homeless person.

7. How about doing Christmas stockings for friends and families as gifts. Places like Poundland always have Christmas stockings and great fillers. Personalise them and fill them up with all the things that they love.

8. Write a letter to yourself, looking at your year, how you got through it and what you have accomplished. Write down only positive things. Put the letter in an envelope and then open it again on Christmas day.

mood 2

9. Buy a Christmas Jumper and Christmas socks. Rock them around the house and lift your mood.

mood 3

10. Make your own advent calendar. Instead of receiving a gift. Write down something positive to yourself. They could be affirmations or quotes.

mood 1

Oh and of course. Put the tree up.



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