#Blogmas day 2 – Hot November Favs

Well it is that time again. What is hot in my bag. In this blog I am killing two birds with one stone. Sorry birds. But I am doing a Blogmass. Everyday I will be doing a blog post. Now it isn’t all going to be about Christmas, but I promise there will be some Christmas posts. Anyway lets push on with whats got me tippled this month. Now this month I have had so many I just couldn’t decide and some are even featured in previous posts. Oh yes and before I forget I did my very first vlog on my November favs. Click here to see the video.


nov 2017 favFirst up are these gorgeous brushes. They come as a pack of eight. Out of the eight these three are my favs. Especially the brush on the far right. That brush is perfect for applying my blush and highlight. The bristles are very soft and are very easy to work with. The prism shaped one is great for my contour  and the middle brush is great for blending and dusting.  I purchased these from Aliexpress. About £4.99


nov 2017 fav 9

Second is the Terracota and Banana baking powders from Makeup Revolution. I love mixing these two. When I get it right, it gives me the right look. I can either have it lighter to brighten my eye area or I can have a darker tone to give me that perfect glow.  These are £5.00 each.

nov 2017 fav 8

I don’t know if this is because this is the only eyebrow kit I have, but I just absolutely love this kit. With my angle brush and spooley I am good to go. I love to mix up my look by either using darker or lighter shades for my brows. Perfect for on the go eyebrows. This is £7.99. Makeup Revolution Ultra Brow Kit.

nov 2017 fav 7

When I first purchased this foundation, I was not happy with it at all, it had a horrible smell (which it still does) and I found that it left my face looking oily. Roll on the next few months I decided to give it another try. With patience and the right attitude I managed to make it work. I applied the foundation directly to my face and with a firm brush, buff the foundation until it blended into my skin. To my surprise it left me with a flawless finish. This for only £3.99 at a beauty supply store.

nov 2017 fav 6

As you can see from the picture this lovely little beaut, fell and broke. #sadtimes. Alas I had to move on and deal. I love the blusher and it is one of my favs. It has this gorgeous blend of pinks with the right amount of shimmer. This vivd bake blusher is by Makeup Revolution, it really bring my cheeks alive. It’s really pigmented and great for a rosy glow. This is for £3.00.

nov 2017 fav 5

This So body Vanilla milkshake mist really reminds me of back in the day in the summer months,  in my late teens. This scent is gorgeous and brings sunshine, even in the winter. This retails for £3.99.

nov 2017 fav 4

There are some blush palettes that gives you life. The Golden Sugar rush 2 from Makeup Revolution does just that. Its selection of colours; matt, low and high shimmers can give you a variety of looks to suit, for either day or night. My fav in this palette is the colour at the bottom right hand corner. It is so subtle but yet manages to give you that lovely low-key, rose gold glow. This palette is £6.00

nov 2017 fav 3

I fell in love with this highlighter the moment I saw it on the shelves of Superdrug. It’s vibrancy is so seductive and eye-catching. This is something that I knew I had to have in my collection. This trippled bake Bronzer from iheartlondon has three colours to either use separately or altogether. This lovely pot is £5.00. A bargain.

nov 2017 fav 2

The last one that I am going to talk about is The Makeup Revolution contour kit medium to dark. I do not use the middle colour and mainly focus on the darker shade to contour just under my cheeks. This is easy to use and also easy to blend. The colour at the end, is a nice little bronzer to finish off your look. £3.50


This is my November favs. I told you that there was a lot. wow it is 23.14 I have 45 minutes to meet my deadline. Otherwise I will be behind. Hope you enjoyed this read and till tomorrow.




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