Whats Hot in October

October Favs

So it is here my October favs. This month I have five things that have tickled my fancy. From hair to skin to fragrance. So let me just kick off with my first fav of the month, which is the So Body Mist Rose petals. This light fragrance is everything.  This gorgeous smell of roses takes you back into a cool summer scene. It lifts your mood and leaves you with a cool and fresh feeling.  This retails at £3.99 can be bought in most places. I purchased mine at Superdrug.

october favs so mist

Next is one of Make up Reveloutions newest releases. This company is climbing high with their selection of make up. An amazing value for money company and gets my vote every time. This is the Terracotta Luxury Baking Powder. Although this product is on the orange side it gives me a glow when used alone. Sometimes I like to mix it with the Luxury Banana powder. This retails for £5.00 for 35g. All that product for that amount. Baragin!

october favs terrercatto

Next is  the B. Hydrated Hyaluronic Acid facial spritz skin care range at Superdrug. This product is great for hydrating your skin as well as leaving your skin feeling your skin feeling moisturised. It is designed to go deep into your skin to ensure that your face is deeply moisturised. I love to use this product in the morning after I have washed and cleansed my face. This is for all skin phases and retails for £7.99.

ocotber favs hyrdacid

This was an impulse buy. But I was looking for something to moisturise my hair and to try something that I have not used before. I picked up Cantu’s Tea Tree and Jojoba hair & scalp oil. This is to help protect against breakage, conditions scalp to encourage growth. This is in 180ml bottle and retails for about £4.99 or £5.99 I think. I purchased this at my local beauty supply store.

ocotober favs cantu

This product has caught my attention with its vibrant and glowing colours. This highly pigmented bronzer is everything a girl can dream off. It has three gorgeous colours to choose from or mix together as you wish. I am so in love with this Hot Summer of Love Tripple Baked bronzer by iheart London cosmetics. I mixed it with one of their other iheart blushers and the results were amazing.  To see the results check out my GRWM Photo shoot here.  This product retails for only £5.00 and can be purchased at Superdrug or on their Tam Beauty website.

october favs bronzer


So this is it my lovelies. My October Favs. So until the end of my Moth see what my favs are for November.


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2 thoughts on “Whats Hot in October

  1. I’ve been wanting to get that hyluronic acid spritzer, but always feel like it’s sold out. The baked bronzer looks so beautiful, I really their heart shaped powders 😀

    1. Yes I love having it as part of my regime. I’ve been really taking care of my skin and have been noticing a diffrence. Those heart Blushers are so amazing. I need to get some of the newest ones.

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