Superdrug’s Vitamin E Range – Review

sepet favs groupHello Everyone, I would just like to say thank you for stopping by and reading my blogs. This vlog is going to be a review on the Superdrug Vitamin E range. If you have seen my Superdrug Mega haul  then you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t please click here.

vitamin e oil

First item that I am going to start with is the Vitamin E Dual Phase Cleansing oil. This oil is great to use and surprisingly does not leave my face feeling oily at all. I tend to use this product on a daily basis after I wash my face, to take of any excess dirt.  It leaves my face feeling soft and cleansed. I would recommend it as part of my skincare regime. This is for Normal to Dry skin. Retails for £2.99


vitamin e mist

Next is the Hydrating mist. I love this product, it is great for hydrating your face throughout the day if you choose to. I tend to put in on before I moisturise and after I use the cleansing oil. It leaves my face feeling fresh and hydrated.  I also put some on before I go to bed. You can never top up too much on this product. This product is for Normal to dry skin. Retails for £2.99

vitamin e serum

I never really used serum, nothing against them, I was just used to always using face creams. But there is something about serums that leaves your skin feeling extra soft. This product Moisture Boost Facial Serum leaves your skin feeling baby soft. It is non greasy and absorbs into your skin. When doing a side by side comparison on my face you can really feel the difference. I tend to use serums about 2 or 3 times a week instead of the moisturiser. This is for normal to dry skin and retails for £2.99

vitamin e leave on mask

This range has so much to offer it is unreal, I am so happy as I get to use all the products I need for my face without using other products from different brands or ranges. Having this option is great. I like to see and feel how my face is when using only one range. This leads me onto the Leave-on moisture Mask. I use this mask at night as part of my night-time regime. This Mask is a serum like gel that has Wheat Germ, Soybean and jojoba oil in the mix. I use a generous amount,  and apply to my face leaving some of the product on the surface. I then allow for the product to be absorbed by my skin throughout the night. This is for Normal to dry Skin. Retails £2.99

vitamin e day cream

This range would not be complete without having their day  and night creams. Now because they had it and the offer I picked up the night cream, the day cream and the intense day cream. My face is quite moisturised and apart from the dry patches on my cheeks, I have quite normal skin.  The two-day creams look quite different in appearance

vitamin e intense cream

The intense cream is more whipped and has a smoother finish. It is non greasy and a little can go a long way. It absorbs into the skin quite well leaving a healthy balanced look to your skin.

vitamin e day i

The day cream has a not so smooth fish. That being said the day cream is softer to the touch, were as the intense cream is a little stiffer. They both do a great job and my skin loves them both. This product is non greasy and absorbs into te skin well.

vitamin e night cream

The night cream seems to be a mixture of the two on appearance. Not as smooth as the intense cream but not as stiff as the day cream. However the consistency is more towards the day cream. These cream especially the night cream absorbs well into my skin, which allows my skin to stay moisturised throughout the night. They are all for normal to dry skin and retail for £2.99 each.


I love trying out skincare products and seeing what works with my skin. It doesn’t always have to cost a fortune to look good. If you haven’t already, why not give this range a go.







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