Hot favs in September

september favsOk Guys I know that I am well late. November is approaching and I haven’t even done my hot favs for September. So Let me get right to it.

First I want to talk about the Radiant skin care range by Superdrug. I only recently discovered this brand and since they had such a fantastic offer on I couldn’t resist but to try a few items and see how they do. So out of that range here is my favs.

  1. The day cream. This cream is thick and so moisturisng my face can feel amazing all day with this cream. I absolutely love the texture, and the way my skin absorbs the product. Since using the product have seen a difference in only a week after using it.
  2. If you have the day cream you must have the night cream. Since I have been really focusing on my night-time regime, it has really made a difference to my overall appearance to my skin. My skin tone is appearing more balanced and I have noticed a more youthful look.  After a good scrub I would apply this to my face, making sure my face benefits from a moisturising cream that will take care of my face throughout the night.

sept fav radiant

3. The third product is the Glycolic tonic. This product awakens your skin’s natural glow. smooths, tones and brightens .  I can say it does just that. Using these three and the other products in this range my skin looks fantastic. See my blog for a full range product review here.

Next is my skin cleanser. This motorised face cleanser is a God send. I was using a manual one bought from Primark, which was good and I thought that  was it.  This gadget really gets into my pores and gives my skin a good scrub. Instantly I feel a difference. My skin feels cleaner and I noticed less dirt,  if any would come out onto a cotton pad. It comes with four different attachments. I apologise I  could not find the large one, which is used for your body. It is a much bigger version than the brush that you see in the picture  below. It also comes with a pumice stone for your feet and a sponge to buff. I purchased this on Ebay for about £9.00

sept favs face brush

Next is my Tony Moly face mask .  (I know I have the Makgeoli mask pictured, I couldn’t find my seaweed one). I have been seeing these masks around and decided to invest in their, I’m real face mask sheets. The one I am going to be talking about is the seaweed Mask . I have to say this is the best mask that I have used so far. If you have dry skin, this will really help in combating your dry areas. These masks can range from anything from £2.50 to £5.00 pending where you purchase it. I purchased mine on Ebay.

Tony Moly seaweed mask review

Watch my review here.

If you have seen my vlogs and my Insta, you know I am a huge fan of the So Mist’s range. I have a few and still have more to get. This months fav fragrance is the Musk. I find this smell so sexy. It is great for any occasion. Though I don’t need to wait for a occassion I just spray it on me whenever I feel like it even if I am at home. You can pick these up in Superdrug or Boots. I managed to bag a few in both stores for half the price. The RRp is  £3.99

sept favs so

I have been trying to get my hands on this blush palette for ever and a day and finally I did. And I got it for the 3 for 2 sale in Superdrug. Score for me. This palette has such wonderful colours. What drew my eye was the golden bronze colour. To my surprise I fell in love with a type of rose color the one on the top right. This colour works really well on my complexion and gives my cheeks the right amount of rosiness. This palette is £6.00

sept favs blusher

Thank you for reading my hot favs. Till next month


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