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blog poreI stand corrected. All this time I thought that the cold and the warm water helped with your pores. But no I was totally wrong.  What are these things and how do they get there? Why is my pores looking so large? they are called pot holes I mean pores. Pores is something that you can control but can not get rid off. Having excess oil, everyday build up, dead skin cells and make-up causes your pores to stretch and therefore make your pores appear larger than you would like. The thing about pores is that we all have them and you can not get rid of them , but you can control how they appear.

OOhhh really tell me more – Well let me start with some bad news. Pores are genetically what you are born with. So if you have large pores oh well. You will have large pores (forever).  So now that bit of bad news is out-of-the-way let me tell you a little more. Pores are small openings in the skin where the body’s natural oils or Sebum, which are released to the skin’s surface. Your hair follicles also known as oil pores,  are also an opening for that to. Now although I was thrown by the myths that I once lived and die by, that steaming the face does not open pores and cold  water does not shrink them, there are some good news to reduce pores that have become enlarged. Firstly  you need to know why your pores are suddenly auditioning to be the newest crater on the moon. One word Buildup or Dirt. Yes everyday life, left on makeup or not properly MOT face can lead to pores opening up to your dirt. When the pores are clogged they need room so they get stretched, but once the clean up and maintenance step in that should help reduce the sightings of the enlarged pores.



Go to the counter and get some products that is what you can do. Products that contain Salicylic acid, Glycolic acid, or other alpha hydroxy acid or AHA will help. Other acids that can help are Malic acid, tartaric acid and citric acid. Each have their own and or combined benefits.

NR Glycolic

The  acid to use for the surface of your skin, is gylcolic acid as its small molecules exfoliates the surface of the skin and prevents the dead skin from getting into the pores, which will then cause it to widen. Other acids like Salicyic acids helps to loosen the clog which then allows the oil underneath to flow out freely.  If you use them together you will unclog pores from underneath and on the surface leaving your face looking and feeling wonderful.

Another way to give your face the appearance of little to no pores is to use a primer before applying your makeup. I find primers a must have for putting on my makeup. It provides a baby powder finish and leave my skin looking like it has an even surface and also provides a great base for foundation. Primers can vary from £2.00 to £100 plus.

What brand shall I buy?

Always find ones that suit your face, don’t just head for the most expensive because you think it is going to be better for you always try the low and middle end prices first. Unless you can afford the most expensive then go for your life.

That being said I hope you have a general understanding on pores and how they work, what you can do to reduce the appearance of larger pores and other ways to give your skin a smoother texture look.

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