Your facial MOT

fm2It may look as though your face is nice and clean but it really isn’t. The other night I started to take off my makeup using Pure deep cleanse , paraben free, Zinc PCA vitamin B3 and witch hazel extract. I used in total three wipes.  I then washed my face only using my facial wash and no brush. I then proceeded to my night routine where I took a cotton pad and soaked it with Superdrug’s Glycolic Tonic 5% Glycolic Acid from their Naturally Radiant range and to my surprise a fair bit of foundation was still on my face. I used a fourth wipe and began wiping my face in circular motion and still more foundation came off onto the cloth.


It is what is unseen that can do quite a bit of damage to your skin. Clogged pores caused by sleeping on makeup residue, then putting more makeup onto the tiny layers onto what you already have. Even washing your face in the morning may not necessarily remove all of the dirt and makeup.  The secret to getting rid of my build up and residue,  is a facial brush. For the past few weeks I haven’t been using it and I have seen a difference in the amount of dirt and build up that comes out onto the cotton pad.  Sometimes it is good to test these things out to see whether or not all the extra effort that you are doing is worth it. I found out that it was.


Whether or not you wear makeup frequently, sometimes or not at all, it is important to give your face a mot at least twice or more a week. Invest in a facial brush, manual or motored. Find the best products that suit your skin. It doesn’t always have to be expensive. So don’t go broke, when trying and buying.  Experiment with different regimes for morning and nighttime care. Drink Plenty of water to help improve your skin and to allow your skin to repair itself. If you have not already invested in a face steamer, go and get one and give yourself a really nice spa feeling. I love using my steamer, my face seems to come alive after using it for ten minutes.


One of my favourite beauty hacks is using face masks regularly. There are so many on the market, for all types of skin. There are clay and peel off masks and some masks that are soaked in product and you apply the cloth on you face between 15 -30 minutes, pending on the brand etc. Some are good for restoring moisture and others to reduce the extra oils that your face produce.   I am a big fan for shop own brands as  well as brands that are not as popular as some of the mainstream ones. If you haven’t already checkout my channel and my beauty reviews on a selection of masks. Click here

Taking care of your skin is important to maintain a glowing and fresh appearance. Some people’s skin will react differently to others and some may need to take more care than others. Either way look after you and your body will do the rest.



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