Home Spa for under £15.00

So you should have already read up on my review on Superdrug’s Naturally radiant collection that I am currently using and I absolutely love, if you haven’t click here and now I am going to give my review on Superdrug’s New Spaa Retreat range.

spaa group

I have only bought three items in this range, it was a last minute buy. I was almost ready to go and pay at the checkout with my other products when the bath milk caught my eye. It’s funny because a few days ago I had a sudden urge to buy bath milk. I went into Superdrug on my way somewhere and I couldn’t find any. Then one day ta tada Superdrug’s very own just threw itself at me. These fantastic buys were on offer for 1/3 off the original price. (I think) Anyway they were on offer.

First item I bought was the spaa Bergamot & Cassis Bath Milk and Manuka Honey  and Vitamin E.  I have not used a bath milk before and if I have it was a very long time ago. However I thought that bath milk was a substance that you would put in your bath leaving it to be cloudy and with fragrance. Superdrug’s bath milk bubbled like a bubble bath. It has a thick, white creamy texture and has a beautiful smell that sends you into a blissful and relaxing mood. Its bubbles are light and fluffy and sits perfectky ontop of the water. Its scent is absolutely gorgeous and leaves your skin feeling beautifully soft and fragrant.

spaa bath milk

Next is the Bergamot & Cassis Salt & Oil Scrub. This beautiful scrub, has a similar fragrance but not as strong. The grains of salt are the perfect size to give you that clean scrub feeling. Not to coarse to hurt and not to fine, to leave you wondering if it is a scrub. The Scrub is thick and is a beigeish brown with brown specks.  I tested the scrub dry.  I could feel the salt granules work its magic as I massaged the product on my skin leaving it feeling clean. The oil absorbed into my skin leaving it looking healthy and  moisturised.  I feel that using scrubs on dry skin first is most effective, then add water for the final polish.

spaa scrub

My last Product I bought was the Bergamot & Cassis Bath Salts. Alongside the bath milk I chucked a few scoops of salts into my bath. The salt grains are quite large and the scent is strong. The smell differs slightly from the others. I assume that is because each product is made differently and so will produce different scented results. The salts are very relaxing and using it alongside the bath milk and scrub, I felt like a million dollars. This is something that I would definitely be buying again.

spaa salt

I love Superdrug’s new Spaa range. I am not disappointed, by how this product makes me feel. I am especially drawn to the scrub. This range is something that I would definately would use again. If you have not tried this range I suggest you give yourself a little treat.



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