Naturally Radiant – Review

Superdrug has had great offers these past few weeks. One of  Superdrugs recognised offers, is their 3 for 2, which they tend to have on their makeup items. So naturally as soon as I saw they had this offer I could not resist and went inside to browse and of course to buy.  As well as stocking up on my makeup, I wanted to start trying out new skin care products.  So when I spotted that they had a buy one get one free offer on their Naturally Radiant products, it would’ve been rude of me not to have bought a few items.  I have never tried Superdrug’s Naturally Radiant products before and the range of products that they have kept me intrigued.  Of late I have been taking more time to see what products that are out there for me to try. NR rangeSuperdrug has quite a selection, from day and night creams to serum and face balms.  Each one very tempting and it took me ages to decide what I wanted buy. When I thought I intended to buy only two products but ended making  a couple of trips to Superdrug before I ceased my spending spree. I felt really excited and couldn’t wait to try out these new products and  see how shop brand products fair with established brands like Garnier and olay etc, etc.

These are the items that caught my eye:

NR balm Brightening Radiance Balm.   I like to use this balm about two to three times a week. This product goes a long way. It is white in colour and has a fragrance. There is no distinct smell that I can think of, but it is ok. I find that it absorbs into the skin well. Leaving my skin feeling soft and  moisturised.

NR Day cream Brightening Day Cream. I absolutely love the day cream. This cream is white in colour and is thick and rich. Like the balm it absorbs into the skin really well, and it takes care of my skin throughout the day. I feel no need to top up.

                                                                                                                         NR Eye cream Brightening Eye Cream.  I tend to use this cream mainly when I am going out,somewhere casual or a special occassion. It is white in colour and there is no odour. You only need a pin head amount of eye cream to start with and then apply more if needed.

NR Glycolic Glycolic Overnight Peel. I use this about twice a week sometimes three. This product is clear and has a slight fragrance to it.  The texture is slightly slimy and is best applied in small amounts to control the amount you use. I find this product very beneficial to my skin and have noticed a difference of clear and moisturised skin.                                                                                                      NR gyltone Glycolic Tonic 5% Glycolic Acid. I use this product either after my morning or night wash or sometimes I might use it both times. I cover my cotton wool pad with the product, then I would swoop it all over my face.  It is a clear liquid and has a pleasnt smell.

NR night cream Renewing Night Cream. This cream is thick and rich. It has a lovely smooth texture and it lasts throughout the night, leaving my skin feeling beautiful and moisturised in the morning.

I have had a chance to use all of these products and I must say I love them all. Especially the day and night creams. I find them quite rich and thick and my skin absorbs the products really well. I have only recently become acquainted with night creams and can honestly say I do not know what took me so long to use them. My face thanks me every morning. The cream leaves my skin feeling moisturized. I think my dry spots on my cheek areas, are starting to resolve itself. They tend to show up a lot when I use baking powders, blushers and highlighters on one spot. Thanks to the creams it has turned it around.

I am quite impressed with this range and would definitely use them again. My skin is looking more radiant just after a week of use. I was seeing changes.

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3 thoughts on “Naturally Radiant – Review

  1. Can I use the day cream in the winter season? I mean is it work in the winter season because I used to have a dry skin in winter.

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