Night cream or not

night cream 2Now our skin needs round the clock hydration. With all the pollution, the weather, makeup and sometimes our own lack of health care, hydration is something that sometimes goes amiss. We also tend to fool ourselves by not paying attention to detail on  our environment. For example, we know that the air carrys a lot of pollution, dirt and germs that isn’t always visible to the naked eye. So it is easier to remember that and take steps to doing the best we can to help our skin breathe, with facial washes, creams etc. But when it comes to night-time, we tend to let things slide. Being in the comfort of our own home, it is easy to forget that our skin is still under attack. It is still exposed to the elements that is in your bedroom; heating, dust and just the air itself. So what do you do about it? Well the quick answer to that is moisturise. Making sure that your face gets the mositure that it needs.

Day or night.

Is there a difference between these two creams. Do you really need to have a night cream or will your normal cream do? Are the companies just after your money? The questions are justified and with so many products on the market as well keeping an eye on your spending, the questions do need to be asked.

Day Cream

Day creams is usually  designed to protect your skin from UV rays, environmental hacks and yes makeup all which can go to war on your skin if not protected.  Day creams contain SPF and other ingredients like caffeine to help make the skin look and feel firm and vitalised. Day creams are designed to wear underneath makeup so they are lightweight, easily absorbed and non-greasy. As well as allowing the pores to breathe they provide a smooth surface for your foundation.

night cream 2


Night Cream

Night time = shut down. At this time, our body needs to rejuvenate. It is at this time that our skin starts repairing itself, restoring and getting rid of anything it does not need. With that said, night creams tend to be thicker than day creams. They are also slow absorbing, allowing your skin to get the proper moisture it needs. The night moisturisers are designed to penetrate over several hours, so by the time morning comes around you should wake up to moisturised skin.

The Decision

The decision to use a day and/or  night cream is certainly a choice that only you can make. Pending on what stage of beauty care you are in your life, this will make your mind up for you. If you choose not to use a night cream, there is no shame in it and does not make you less of a woman. Lol.  Just make sure you choose the right creams for you.

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