August Favs

august favsOur minds change like the weather. One minute you are a trainer person, next its pumps. One day you are all about the fitted jeans then its about the shorts. The same goes for the products I use. It is weird  how the brain is wired that way. Maybe it’s because there are so  many options to choose from. Variety is endless and with new products coming out all the time, it can be hard to keep up. The moment you find out about the latest trend another one came in about two weeks ago.  So when it comes to having new favs it’s no wonder they can change from month to month.

aug fav 1

This month, my favs vary from a range of cosmetics, make-up, skin and body care. The first fav is Doves mens deodorant. I first discovered this when I was doing a gig and I needed a little freshening up and a friend of mine had a can. It is so cool and refreshing. I loved it instantly. I tend to wear mens deodrant because they work better for me compared to women’s deodrant. That being said I don’t have a bio problem, could just be that I love that masculine smell all over my body. You can pic this up for £2 in Poundland.

aug fav 4

Then its this God send, Hydra Mist – Instant cooling spray. This is a life saver, technically it is water in a can, but just before summer kicks in I can get serious bouts of heat rash. This year was particularly bad. The heat bumps were under my skin on the palm of my hand and I can tell you it hurt. For the first few months I was itching something chronic. Whilst I was out in my fav shop, Poundland I found this. I picked up two bottles and although it will not get rid of the heat rash,  it will help cool my burning skin. This is my must have for the summer.  £1 in Poundland

aug fav 6

This leads me nicely onto Witch – naturally clear Blemish gel. Along side the Hydra Mist I would put a generous amount of this gel on my bumps which helped soothe the itching and contributed to cooling my skin. This fab gel is also great for your face. You can use it as a night-time treatment. It dissolves excess oils and clears pores.  You can get this in most stores like boots and S, but I picked mine up from Poundland.

aug fav 3

Then we have Makeup Revolution’s Luxury banana powder. If you have seen my vlog, I compared a few of the yellow powders. If you have not click here. I love this powder, it is slightly darker than technics yellow powder, but it still works well with my skin tone. For only £5 a bottle you get a generous amount.


aug fav 5

Sticking with Makeup Revolution, I picked up their Redemption Palette Iconic 3. I absolutely love these colours. I am so into pink make up. I find it so sexy. It has a great selection of complementing shades to go along with the pinks. These retail at £4 a palette which is a great price. As a bargain hunter I picked mine up for 3 for two in Superdrug. The colours are vivid and such good quality for the price. Shades ranging from light to dark you can create hundreds of combinations and looks.

aug fav 2

This next must have is my Nivea pure & natural cleansing toner. This particular one is for all skin types  and has bio argan oil and bio aloe vera. I use this everyday, after I wash my face. It leaves my face feeling extra fresh and closes my open pores with its cool water. This is a staple for me. You can pick this up almost anywhere, but I discovered it in Poundland for £1.

aug fav 7

My last fav is So Fragrance Sparking Tea body mist. I have been a big SO fan since I was in my teens. They have been around for years. I still haven’t picked up their fragrances yet, but I will soon. This is such a beautiful and refreshing mist. No it doesn’t smell like tea so you don’t have to worry about smelling like PG tips or Typhoo, lol. The fragrance reminds me of a fresh tropical spring, it uplifts your senses and takes you to a happy place.  It lasts for  36 months which is good, cause if you are like me, you have a lot of fragrances to get through you need the lengthy expiry. I picked this up from boots when they had an offer for £1.99. it was funny cause I did not go into boots for that and saw they had an offer and bought three bottles.

That is it for my August favs.

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