De-clutter the clutter product

I open my cupboard and there they are. The army of products that have been bought, gifted and puseded by myself to try. Products that I had to have, told to try and swore that I will be better for it. Taking long hard looks in the mirror and telling myself that I will do better by myself by looking after myself properly. A scrub there, a lotion there, facial wash or masks. The list goes on and the excuses and reasons cease, as now I just get it cause I want to.

Grrr no room in cupboard and cupboard looks a complete mess every time I reach for a product. So one-day after tidying the bathroom cupboard for the umpteenth time, I decided to set myself a challenge where I will not buy any more products such as shampoo, conditioner, body creams etc until I have finished all what I have.


One of the reasons that I started this challenge, apart from what I stated above is the guilt of waste. We waste so much especially in this time, when we buy products to review and then put aside, and buying products to try for that routine, that you promised yourself that you are going to do, because you want to look better than you currently do. Whether or not the product has expired; half bottles, quarter bottles even almost used once bottles, get tossed away.

We are so seduced by packaging, latest trends and bargains that we do not know when to stop. Most times we don’t even want to, we just keep on buying and scream at things like bills only because we want to try more things. Some people  are middle of the road with the occasional dip on the lux side of products and will occasionally by a high-end product or four, to only have it sitting on their dresser. Even the cost of a high end product that they can not really afford, is enough to get them to finish and not buy another.

Then there are the bargains, whether they are branded or not, we buy them cause spending a pound here and there is not going to break the bank lets face it. It is so easy strolling down the isles of supermarkets and just tossing a few products into the basket next to our meat and fish and veg.



But there comes a time when, a judgement has to be made and a stance taken. If you see first pic, these are the products that I have finished using. I started this a few weeks ago and I am proud to say I am still going. I am on a Jo Malone hand and body lotion and a foot cream by the Sanctuary.  I have just finished this gorgeous body scrub I bought in Pound Stretcher.


Are you in the same predicament? Stacks of unused, almost used, products that you should really just use up and then bin. The difficult part of this challenge is that, I am a vlogger and blogger and I love to do reviews. In order for me to do reviews I need to buy new products so that I can go and write or talk about them.


I will continue to buy and review, but I will keep using older products to reduce the build up. I have already finished 7 products so I am not doing too badly.



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